Shiseido virgin no more!

I set out to get a massage (not bad!), have lunch  plus purchase a toner today because my beloved Paul & Joe toner (which is very good btw) has finished!
I feel stupid for not buying 2 bottles of it and bought their loser light cleansing milk which, my friends, does nothing much for your skin :(

I fully intended to purchase a clinique toner, but they don’t have toners! WTF?
Joke of the century! They however had some exfoliating lotion (which initially I thought was the toner! Luckily I asked before blindly purchasing it!)  that did not tighten pores at all. Fail!

Clarins didn’t have anything interesting so I went to Shiseido and wanted to buy the white lucent toner which brightens your face adn whitens! D: But WTF it cost AUD92!!! I never used Shiseido before in my life and wasn’t going to spend $92 just like that! The only Shiseido products I use are the company’s sub-brands, like Intergrate and Majolica Majorca. But thankfully nice sales lady introduced to me the non-whitening one which was so very much cheaper and affordable at AUD$65~ Shiseido doesn’t call their toners, “toners” but softening lotion which they specially created~!

…. but the bottle for it was ugly and :/// Haha! Look at picture for reference!:

Look at my pretty P&J one! Which actually looks prettier in real life, iPhone camera does nothing for its beauty!
And look at the bigger shiseido bottle, thats the one I got!

The miniatures were a hushhush gift from the counterlady for me to try~ The whitening one and a cleansing foam~
She wasnt supposed to give the white lucent one coz u only get it if you buy this other product but she probably thought I needed it *sad to have dark skin* haha. But I’m so grateful!

Anyways! The other day we played scratchies!
I desperately wanted the 2nd version of Volk’s Okita Souji but unfortunately I had no money and was complaining to Sandra dearie and she suggested scratchies haha!

I told Steve and he agreed to accompany me on the journey to being a rich person!
I bought the crosswords one which I saw this lady pay and the one which Sandra mentioned!

Here it be!
I should have known it wasnt a winning ticket coz my extra word was “koala” and I dislike koalas. (=__=)|||

Steve who lit his lucky purple purple candle last night for wealth reasons bought this $2 goldfish ticket and he kept winning $3!! Haha!
Kelda also won some money playing the goldfish scratchies.
Unfortunately Weimin didnt :(
I also played the goldfish ones and won once too! Hahaa.

Heaps of fun!
Will try again another time :P


这是阿姨买给我的狗狗~名叫 DAZZIE:


没事做 ORZ

昨晚的 PARTY:


SAPPORO 是日本的酒, 为何 produce in canada! D<

因为功课做完了,所以很有时间去 coszone bbs 玩~
找到了很多帅哥 呢!

男生自己化妆比我好, 我快要跳楼了 (=_=) [我说COSPLAY 妆啦,不是普通的妆]
这里 =  很有日本系感!! (*3*)/

RIKO 也要加油了 (T^T)
感谢JH 一直为我加油 + 帮我找 tb 的事!KUKUboy 考试加油哦!


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    Joy said,

    scratchies? how u play that?? u gotta show me on fri, i need to win money too! hahaha… and for some weird unforseen reason, i suddenly feel like playing with liquid eyeliners. any brand to recommend? there was this one version i tried a yr ago it made a real mess of my eyes! are they all like that? hahahaha!!!! cant wait for fri, sweets~ :)

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