That’s it fatface, it’s over!

I’m taking far less pictures of myself (coughcamhorecough) mainly because I think I’m putting on weight on my face and well everywhere actually.

It does not help I always have a chocolate craving when I’m PMSing too :(
That and I have to finish my food before June when I move out!

I’m pretty worried cause if I put on anymore, I’ll not like any pictures of myself during Cosfest or for photoshoots haha!

I have decided to:
1. Diet proper [after my PMS coz i bought chocolate muffins ORZ]
2. Run like the wind and not punch elder bro in the face if he pushes me too hard
3. Swim like crazy even though it’s cold and I’m lazy, THE POOL IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF U, FUTURE GERI. MOVE IT.
4. Drink lots of green tea in Singapore
5. Cut down carbo intake AKA stop buying any more cookies
6. Don’t drink up too much beer [ :( *SAD*]

Actually I didnt really put on weight (or so the scale says…), its perhaps all in my mind :( and I have changed perceptions of myself… :/
but still, i’m not satisfied till I can show my midriff proudly or something hahha!

It’s over fatface, your days are numbered!!



After I finish all my cookies that is.


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