OMO my shoulder :(

I’m having a really tough time with my shoulder aches, I’m trying to not rely on medication so much, but I can’t help it (TT___TT)
I’m going to finish watching my videos, send some emails, take meds and then sleep!

Worrying about:
1. My tailor for my Ciel and Miku costumes has not replied me :(
2. Plus galleria housing agent sounds weird and not sure if he understood what i said (>_>);;
3. I’m super duper busy tomorrow (X_X) I have to chiong my assignment with Addie dear. It’s a presentation and I think I’m freaking out. The last assignment for Ad management seems difficult too. Not sure if I can finish it in time because I have to move!
4. Thinking about packing is driving me up the wall!
5. Money! I’m going to take a job next semester to help pay for my rent I think! I feel really bad! (TT___TT)
6. My weight HAHAHA. No wait, I’m serious!

I watched f(x)’s comeback today and I love it!
I can’t wait for BigBang!
Saw 2pm’s comeback also, I hate khun’s hair :( He’s probably the only one I like now. Sigh!!

Pic spam from picnic!

Funny right? hehhee

After seemingly boring picnic we went to pancake manors for some real food!

Hot n troppo!
Gonna miss pancake manors when i grad!
Hotcakes do not taste the same after manors!

The next day was radio meet that was full of drama for me.
I was prepared and bought sweets to cheer everyone up before the storm!

Usa hana!

Later for radio, Ming and I engaged in weird drawings battle!
Also pictionary battle with everyone!
No one understood my awesomeness! :(
I’m sorry I talked about a lot of “innocent” people last night! Please forgive me!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in!
I haven’t made a decision yet cause everytime I do, something happens and I become a tofu again :(
Maybe during the semester break, I’ll let everyone know my decision.
No matter what, thanks for having me Lala-land~
I will psycho Leslie to join us too!


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