Pandora Hearts Marathon

My PH marathon has ended D:

Initially I watched it right after finishing Kuroshitsuji and found it to be even more dark, in a sense, more gothic than the latter. I stopped after like 8 episodes or so cause honestly, the chains and creepy annoying toys + bunny crept the shit outta me after a while. I picked it up again just yesterday and completed the whole series. I watched the short omakes today and is looking forward to more. You just HAVE to love Break, Vincent and Echo :P

The characters are really interesting and character designs are fabulous. However the storyline is so confusing and because its an anime, a lot of stuff gets left out. In fact I feel like they made the anime for people who can’t be bothered to read mangas nowadays (aka me) to get them all confused and having withdrawal symptoms just so they buy the manga and read. Cause man…. that’s what I feel like doing now. They ended the anime at such a weird stage and didnt explain a whole lot of shit and it made me furious ! It was worse than Kuroshitsuji’s ending (=A=)|||

I think I seem to have short-term memory of some sort cause I always forget what I’m watching or what I wanted to watch (=_=)||

CUT for long anime rant/ list for those uninterested!

Right now I’m following:
1. Seikon No Qwaser
2. Hakouki (honestly its freaking boring for me right now and I only watch it for the hot guys hehe)
3. Ichiban ushiro no daimaou
4. Angel Beats

What I should be watching but always forget:
1. Durarara
2. Vampire in the bund
3. That shounen-ai one i cant remember
4. K-on 2  [i didnt forget its just moving really slow now =_=\

Animes I should complete:
1. Air Gear : 1 episode (its freaking weird since i love it so much but i have not watched the last episode for fear of withdrawal symptoms. Yes, I’m THAT sad :/)
2. Tegami no bachi : i left a few episodes to go but it’s really boring after the first few eps! :(
3. Junjou Romantica : no idea why i stopped but will get back to it, it’s really good shounen-ai anime !
4. Sayonara zetsubou sensei
In fact I have tons more to add on the list but kinda don’t really want to watch them anymore, like macross frontier, gundam, kiss x sis ETC ETC.

Summer season animes I look forward to:
1. Sengoku Basara 2 [LET’S PARTY!!!]
2. Kuroshitsuji 2 [wtf Ciel is not in it but will watch it anyway]
3. BRS


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    Sandra said,

    JUNJOU ROMANTICA USAGI-san I luff u lots lots <33333


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