Let’s not

Dear future-self,
please refrain from stressing out.
You won’t be able to breathe or sleep properly and imagine the horrors it will do to your already sad shoulder and neck.

We will remain calm and collected and not go around screaming obscenities at poor innocent passer-bys or destroy innocent pieces of furniture in this last leg of the race.

3 more assignments (2 written & 1 presentation) to go.
We can do it.
And we will do it well.

We only need to :
1. Finish uni work
2. Calmly pack up stuff into bags
3. Calmly dismantle the furniture
4. Find apartment
5. Settle apartment stuff
6. Move

We can do this without freaking out.
We WILL finish university work asap and pack stuff in a proper orderly manner.

Hyperventilating is not allowed.

Let’s do this so we can enjoy the vacation.

I can, I can, I can.

Tomorrow, we will clean the room and hopefully find that dead spider ON THE FLOOR and no where on the bed, and try to pack some stuff into the smaller bags. We will also start on kkb221 and Ad management assignment no matter what.

Past Geri


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    Joy said,

    ooh good luck with the apartment moving. :) mayb u can throw a housewarming party!!!!!!! :D

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