Seriously Hyuna is smoking hottttt.
I feel motivated to lose weight hahaha!

Yesterday , I made some really yummy beehoon keke ! I finally found a can of stewed pork~ It’s really nasty straight out of the can! But it really makes a difference in the beehoon~ I reckon I put too much pil while following a recipe :/ But it was still yummilicious! I made 2 servings for tomorrow’s lunch~:

Happy~ :D

Most people told me that I looked angry yesterday, that wasn’t the case, but I’m kinda stressed still but not superrr stressed like last time. Phew! That was a terrible experience! How could I be in a bad mood when I went shopping? Keke!

I had a priceline voucher that I used to get the brush~ Animal-cruelty free or something~
Got inspired by Heki’s makeup post the other day and so I bought more silver stuff.
I really want a full blown eyeshadow-brush set! (T_T)
I will save for it! Hehe.

3 more assignments and it’s freedom!
I must keep telling myself to hang on~~~

Sunday’s my last radio session! Finally!
I havent told my parents yet but seriously why do something that troubles me?
I have to remain happy while my sanity is still with me I think. Haha.

Already planned to meet Kymmie on Monday ~! Hopefully for KTV and some local food!
Maybe will meet JH on Tuesday for my long-awaited KFC~~

Can’t wait to go back to Singapore!! Times like these, I’m thankful I don’t have exams.
It’s a love-hate thing :P


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