Woke up to crumplets and bazhang!!!!!!!

The housemates’ mum made them for us!
Super duper happy!

Super thanks to Kelda who heated it up for me too haha.

Despite eating awesome bazhang, i was still in shitty mood, it was time to bring out my friend!

Initially bought the smaller pack (which i gobbled up days ago) cause it had a funny name haha.
It’s really good, that, or I just really like crinkle cut chips :P

Guys + Jean came over later in the evening for dinner~

And, my friends, Chinese dinner at KG was never THAT awesome!


Nonya-type curry! Ah nia missed you so!

Seriously i ate the most chicken. Half my plate were chicken bones!
I didnt even realise how much i was eating until i looked at everyone’s plate and felt like a monster. Hahaha.

Later the rest had almond jelly and longan.
Of course i didnt have that coz i dont like almond jelly :/
And then tiramisu which Kelda made.
Honestly it was good just wet! Haha. And i didnt like the idea of it not being baked. I’m weird, I know. But i ate lots of bites from it !

OMG. I’m not stepping onto the scale tomorrow for sure!
I ate like a monster today seriously!
But I’m still happy :)
Thank you so much Auntie! Hope you use the gift card to get awesome stuff for yourself/home!


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