breakfast at the boys

Finally woken up early to catch some yummeh breakfast at the boys with Kels and her mum~
Poor Kelly had to go do work again.

B.R.A.T sandwich.
It’s so lovely! I love everything about it!
The bread was soft too!

Hot dark chocolate!

Auntie paid for breakfast despite our huge protesting and shoving money to and fro haha.
Thanks Auntie! (T__T)

I went home to iron clothes and then sleep more.
Didn’t get a good rest the night before~

I woke up to knocking and red rooster!
Didnt take photocause i was very (@__@) still and full!

For dinner, it was yesterday’s curry and prata!


Goodness, I’m afraid to weigh myself already! Hahaa.

I finished my assignment, and to my dismay O-M-G, it was extended for a week, I totally forgot he may have mentioned that at lecture when i was dozing off.  But it’s good I finished it anyway! If not I’ll be worrying about 2 assignments!! D:
Thanks to: Kelda, Kelly, Kym, Weimin, Steve and Jin Hong for cheering me on hahaha. OH!! AND NEWS! Without your ganbatte song, i may have never completed it in record time HAHAHAHA.

Gonna start the next one tomorrow night ! (I hope!!)


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