monster carnival crew revamp!

CUT for those uninterested!
After failing to secure anything for my soom girl, who has been tucked away for a year!
( How cruel!! ) I decided to simply get wigs from Fantasy. [Still, no clue who to send her for faceup or i f i should attempt it again or I DONT KNOW.]
Pity they dont have my Konan wig, I’m going to get wigs from 2 suppliers in one go this time.
Also my cosplay stuff seems to be taking much longer than usual sigh. To be safe I think I should get my pandora hearts cos ready too :/

I found cooler clothes and wigs for the boys that I’m sure everyone would be happy (minus Tatsu and Hiki)
And I’m soooooo itching to buy!!

Sucks to have 2 expensive hobbies eh? :(
Really thinking about working next semester!

Decided to re-vamp my doll crew, as said before !

Due for face-ups and remodeling:
1. Lance [because MYGAWD everyone’s Lance is so pretty and I cant seem to bond with mine :( ]
2. Glot
3. Tentatively Roka.
Decided to keep Kaya he way he is because he’s such a dear.
Also decided to not sell any of my dolls BUT to sell whatever stuff they simply don’t use anymore.
I think like myself, I just loveeeeee to collect wigs. (X_X)
Ironic since I had a wig phobia when I was younger (=_=)||
Gonna sell all those stuff away but clothes they don’t seem to like anymore, so I can buy more clothes! (YAY!)
Eyeing on a lot of jackets! :P

I definitely need to strike some form of lottery now haha.


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    […] 20, 2010 · Filed under dolls As according to plans, My Lance and Glot will be shopped out to Angie tomorrow! I can’t wait! I found her by chance […]

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