shopshop getget!

Super love Kelda, she’s my bazhang heater hahaha.

Decided to try double eyelashes today mainly coz i have seriously a lot of loose lashes that weren’t in the best shape and would do better with some support haha. [Also, have to start practicing to hone my skills before photoshoots!]

I think the double lash effect worked quite well coz my mac lashes were in badddddd shape, but with duo lashes, it was ok! I think I’m going to try triple lashes with the cross type.

I wore mac no.36 (i think or 33) with some random cheap korean lashes i got from sasa. All straight lashes~

I can’t stand my eyes hahaha.
I have a very obvious one big and one small eye and I’m still learning to make my left look similar to my right (=_=)||
Tried to use double eyelid sticker… and failed so miserably haha. I think eye pucchi will be my friend haha.
I also stuck lower lashes from daiso, it was great! Gonna get more for my cosplay makeup~

My hair is an ugly mess. Arghhh.
And why is my nose so huge even though i did shadowing? Maybe not enough.
Sian max.
hahaha. I didn’t photoshop my nose this time HAHAHA.
I will learn to love my nose the way it is haha!!!

Anyways met Kelda at city to shop keke.

Sportsgirl’s cosmetics were having a sale! Bought lots of stuff!

No idea why on Earth I bought them, I have ZERO use for them actually.
I bought the turqoise liner (AGAIN!) cause I wasn’t sure where I placed the other one I bought.
I will shit bricks if I went back to Singapore and couldnt find it. Then again… I don’t think my eye makeup will need it, but aiya just incase. Haha.

This was dinner:

I suggested porridge cause poor Kelly was sick!!!
Overstressed, overworked !

The weird coloured meat is actually luncheon meat.
Looks weird but tasted ok ! Haha.

Watched masterchef too.
Omg so happy my poor baby mattie made it past eliminations!
So proud of him, first time doing seafood and he nailed it!! <3


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