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cosplay shoot + movie

A day before my cos shoot with Ming Jie & Wilson,it was my mum’s birthday!

Happy birthday best mum in the universe!

On Sunday I woke up at 5am to prepare for the shoot~
I left the house on the cab as Rami and scared the cab driver a bit haha! Whoops!
But he was very friendly and nice and we talked about studying in Australia and cosplay and all~
Plus it was a merc cab, bonus!

But before I left it started to rain, according to Wil kor, it wasn’t raining that side…. so i was relieved.


It rained later haha!

I was early and scared everyone within the area.
I hid at a corridor and touched up my make-up then met my amazing photographers of the day who bore the ridiculous weather and my constant complaining about the heat and how disgusting it is to act cute when it came to Ayane haha.

I’ve obviously gotten lotsa stares but this really cute boyboy and his daddy stood by the longest haha.
He even waved back to me twice sooo cute la!!
I was holding a replica gun (which made sounds btw =_= ) and kept pressing it (sometimes accidentally) and he was very amused haha (and so were my friends haha)


It’s like I’m not fated to portray her properly haha.
This cosplay is OVER and DONE with. Hmph.

There are however some seriously kick ass elevator shots that Wil kor took that I’ll probably only get to see next week or this Friday~
Took a break and switched to Ayane.

Because of the heat in Singapore, I SERIOUSLY dislike outdoor shoots?
My makeup melts away and because of perspiration, my pores are very much visible.
I hope to do an indoor shoot next time :(


Anyways because it was very hot, and i was a frustrated little girl, my makeup for Ayane was actually quite disappointing haha.
But it looked okay in pictures though haha. so it’s all good~

Ayane Kubou:

After shooting at this area, decided enough was enough, I was starving and very very very hot haha.
We walked to Amara hotel (oh what memories from my internship in poly! I used to go there all the time to buy old changkee for lunch haha) for lunch, my treat!

We chilled and chatted and then somehow or rather I started telling ghost stories HAHAH.
Met my parents and close family friends later. Awesome dad picked me up! keke!
Then we went to… central ://
But we had my favourite tart so it was ok!

Changed out:

Tried to get anohter game for my ps3 but there was nothing interesting :(
Went back home super tired after that haha.

Just yesterday I went out with shushu and kymmie for a movie and lunch to catch up.
Shushu suggested itacho, AND IT WAS GOOD WOO.

Sake don:

But wtf it was like eating grass la the weird veggies on my rice. My mouth felt so dry haha.

Had awesome sushi too!
Shushu paid for lunch, so paiseh! So we all took turns paying for various stuff like movie, snacks etc etc.

I spent the whole freaking day eating!! Total madness.
Everywhere we went, I ate.
No clue what was wrong with me haha.

We caught Knight and Day, it was hilarious!! Though some parts were a bit boring haha.
Then went for drinks and nasty calamari at KPO ~

After which we had nothing to do so we checked out *scape mall then went for snacks at old town cafe.
Kaya bread there is bad. We only went there because we couldnt find a Yakun haha


BAD ! BOO!!!

After which we met my mum for more drinks at clarke quay haha.

Had fun chilling with them (=3=)
All the jokes and stories haha~

Oh! I also bought this:

Definitely reminds me of kobato. HEHE.

Went out to dinner with my elder bro and dad today:

You can’t see clearly but iot says “Pork chop (contains pork)”



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Eager Love Revenge

I wanted to blog, but I’m too lazy to upload pictures from my iPhone haha (.__.);;
Anyways in short, I had a shoot on Sunday.
I did 2 characters in one day. It’s was probably a bad decision and I’ll probably not do that again? Haha.
I’ll talk about it another time ~

But just 1 photo first:

CN: Parfait Prince @ Ayane Kubou from DOLLS

It was difficult portraying her because I’m not those type of “act cute” person and had to be that way throughout the shoot. However, it seemed like pictures of this cosplay came out better than Rami.

Also I now have even more $$$ to splurge on cosplay, I think I want to do more Vocaloid now.
I think I’ll sell my dolls costume away soon (@___@)

Big hint:

Awesome remix by Ryo, the original composer of Love is War.

Keke. I’ll probably do this next or something.
Still looking at Pandora Hearts though!

Because I successfully used “eye pucchi” to create deeper double eyelids for the shoot, I can’t wait to try it again soon! I couldn’t today becuase I was VERY VERY late! I’m so sorry Kymmie! Will talk about that tmr as well!

Good night!

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Finally went to eat my favourite 剪刀咖哩饭!!

Yum! But they forgot my egg (T___T)

Met my elder bro and dad for this, together with my lil bro~
Who I persuaded to go with me :P

We went to Liang court later to fetch my mum, cause she hates 剪刀咖哩饭 :(
So we went to the okonomiyaki restaurant I always wanted to go to~
Only ordered icecream though.
Plan to go there and eat with my elder bro~

Keke, its so cute!!

I also bought May’s issue of Popteen and coloured pens for my schedule diary~
I need to get a notebook soon~~~
Tried pale shadow and just eyeliner and lashes today, not really used to it haha.
Will try again tomorrow (cosplay makeup that is).
Shadowing is love! I’m so glad I bought the CANMAKE shadow cake <3
Also had fun trying to help my lil bro do a “mini facial” haha he kept laughing, it was hilarious!

Taken yesterday~:

That’s all for today~ Bye!

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Bought these today in preparation for my cosplay shoot this Sunday~
I’m going to do maybe 2 characters at least !
I hope to do well in both, especially Ayane, whose personality I’ve never tried to impersonate before~

I bought lip concealer and FINALLY shading cake from CANMAKE~
I was eyeing it for very long~ (>_<) Watsons is having a 20% discount!

I also bought a small pack of Biore wipes to try before I buy the big box~
Used one sheet a while ago and it works wonders D:
I could remove my false lashes and makeup.
Also you can use it to clean your falsies later to remove the glue~
As expected, Biore, you’re amazing!

Even though I spent so much today, I’m sure it’s worth it!

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doll meet at coffee bean~

Finally joined a doll meet today~
It was a small meet and was quite awkward for me at first, but I’m glad we warmed up much later (^3^)

Because I was lazy to dress Youji, I brought Kaya haha.
Still an unhappy diva, but we took better shots today I think!

More pictures over here !

His wig is in such a mess I want to sell it :/
I’m too lazy to salvage it haha. But we’ll see how!
Met a seller later (whee money!)
Then went to see if Kino sold grace clay (they didn’t)
And off I went to meet Kymmie for Korean dinner~

This is the amount of side dishes!!:

Maybe around 12 odd side dishes!

Never seen so many side dishes for TWO people in my life!
And they were not bad!

We had korean bbq (it was bad! but they grilled the pork for us haha), rice cakes and pancake (kimchi pancake is better than woorinara’s!)

I think next time we should eat chicken at woorinara then come over for pancake! HAHA!

The wall also had alot of scribbles you can write or draw~~~
I wrote a bit of 4minute’s lyrics to MUZIK haha.

Not somewhere I’ll go back for sure except for pancakes! Haha~

We also bought muffins and egg tarts~ Will probably have them tomorrow or later. I think tomorrow though, I’m kinda full still haha.

I can’t wait for my cosplay shoot~
I hope my tailor send out the outfits in time, if not i’ll be so dead!!
Ok, not really, I have backups! But still (>_>);;
I rather not keep doing DOLLS! Haha!

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Paragon’s canele’s service is so bad!
It used to be a delightful place where you can have tea and chill with friends. Not it’s so noisy and congested, plus wait soooo long for someone to take down your freaking order.
Even when you order just a cake, it took so long from the nearby counter to your table.


在canele 时,非常想念 sandra~ (T__T)

然后和兄弟去看 toy story 3 in 3D。
满好看哦~虽然我不太喜欢toy story :/

也去picotin 吃晚餐~~
幸福~~~ (^3^)//

今天和wilson 哥出去吃 tampopo ~~~
Wilson 哥请客! 真感谢~~ (=3=)//

也打算cosplay shoot 的事了!

会在cos rami~因为上次的,我生了病,所以脸有点肿,不太满意的说 (=_=)
希望这次会 OK!

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the ダイソー つけまつげ DIARY no.1 & no.2

This is a visual collection of the ダイソー (the DAISO)’s false lashes!
Keep checking back for updates!
I will also demonstrate how false lashes change your eyes & makeup!

Sorry for some pictures that are of bad quality, sometimes I use my iPhone for convenience or when my camera has no battery!

※※※ Note! ※※※
I have hidden double eyelids.
Wearing false lashes makes my double eye lids appear, making my eyes bigger (^-^)/

This is for : Type 1 & Type 2 (cross type // クロス タイプ)

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