Oh the joys of having an older brother

There are a gazillion times I want to strangle my elder brother, as proven here:

DIE ! Strangle you infront of daddy! >3

He likes to be a huge nuisance in my life.
He chases all my “suitors” away, never even let some have even 1% of a chance to know me, he constantly goes on about how fat I am and how i have torpedo thighs, thus making me SUPER self-conscious about my thighs and I secretly stare at other people’s thighs HAHA. He also almost never shows any affection when sending me off at the airport. And when he buys gifts, he doesn’t remember what he gave me and just throws it in my face when I’m not looking. When he was younger he loved taking out his frustrations on me and my favourite Pochacco toy thus giving each other a hell of a time battling it out. He’s a super jerk online and reminds me how I always lose to him in UNO and DOA till this very day.

There were times I probably hated him and wanted to beat him up so even my mum won’t recognise him but I realised that deep down my bro seriously cares for all his siblings. And he is truly the best elder brother I can ever ask for.

He chases guys away cause he thinks that if they are not rich enough, I will lead a difficult life. [awww but WTF KOR.]
He goes on about how fat I am so I lose the weight. And stupidly admitted my thighs are not that huge, but makes fun of them anyway so I continue to cut down on weight. *twitch*
He never shows any emotions at the airport but never fails to be there to send me off and acts like a jerk so I won’t cry and make a scene.
He only remembers what I want for 2 days then purchases the biggest plush toy and throws it at me so he can be “a man” about it.
He taught me how to fight and pull some mean punches incase I ever need to. My pain tolerance is also higher cause of his stupid bones.
Even though he’s stupid online, he always makes sense and motivate me further in his stupid annoying taunts of his.

He also always defended me against monster-mum who was never satisfied till I scored 100 in exams.
He also was the very first person who taught me how to spell my first words in Kindergarten. It was “orange” and “crocodile”.

My 2 brothers are people I’ll never want to lose and I’m so thankful each day that they are in my life.
(Could do without the younger one being super rude sometimes though =__=)

They light up my life and comfort me no matter what :)
They hate cheesy stuff but I hope they know I really really love them to tiny lil bits!

As I was thinking about it the other day about my childhood and my annoying bros, and mainly abuot family, just yesterday my elder brother told me:

It was a God-send because I’m going to be really low on cash and I have 9284923423 other games I want to buy.
I told my bros that they simply CANNOT buy FF13 and play it WITHOUT ME.
:D they kept their words! I’m so touched (T___T)

Saturday, I await good movies on plane, seeing my family and supper with the boys of the family!
Sunday, I await seeing Mummy in the morning when she gets back :D

I miss my family so much I dreamt I was actually in Singpaore last night. And that if i opened my eyes, my mum was ther telling me she bought mcdonald’s breakfast haha.

Must. psycho. everyone. to. eat. mcd brekkie. on. sunday.



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    Joy said,

    thats so sweet lah geri… :) but rude younger brothers is more of the norm. though we all wish they stay cute itsy bitsy babies tt just follows us around the house and believes everything we say (even when we tell them the sun is yellow coz its made out of mustard) LOL.

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