are you ready?


Firstly, internet stuffxxx.
Coz teh internet is srs businesszzzz.

Stupidity is my best friend’s middle name :D

Speaking of stupidity, look what i saw on facebook one day:


Before coming back to Singapore :

Kelda sent me this via MMS while I was in my room and left bunbun outside :( with the message: “momo’s holding someone hostage!”

Made my day really :)

Messy room coz I had to pack everything to move!!

Dinner woo!

Steve and weimin came over to help me move stuff to steve’s place!
Super duper grateful for their help!

Treated them to breakfast and we chose hj for reasons beyond me (Coz i wanted pancakes POOEY)

hashbrowns attack!!

didnt know if you upsized, you get double hashies!
i was happy yet sad at the same time. happy coz i love hashies, sad coz omg fat.

krispy kreme donuts and asahi beer with Kels!

Before going to the airport~!

Nice cab driver drove me to the airport! :)

All in all, so happy the Lord answered all my prayers that day!
Everything was great except someone kept farting on the plane haha!


Kymmie surprised me at the airport! That sneaky ninjarz! She also brought me my favourite famos amos cookies !!!
Super super happy!
My mum flew back just in time to fetch me too!

Also future dashao came to see me!
Both bros also came to help with my bags esp my younger bro, so macho now. Used to carry all his stuff for him! he carries all my stuff! :P
We all went to Old Airport Road for lotsa food!

Was super tired by the time I got back (X_X)

Sat on the floor and used my laptop to spend time with my dog, and he came over and rested his head on my leg hehe.
Pat him to sleep and took a picture before he woke up haha.

Canceled MCD brekkie coz was going for dim sum for lunch.
Had famos amos cookies for brekkie instead hehe.

Granny joined us for lunch~

Please stay forever healthy! (T_T)

Spent a bomb at daiso!

I tried the red apple sponge thing for the face.
You don’t rub your face with it, but you squish it with your facial cleanser to make bubbles. ( I fail at making bubbles, I dont know how to make them at all with my hands)
It’s great!! Cleaning face with foam makes my face not so dry and its baby-butt smooth hahah!
I’m going to buy lots for next semester to bring to aussie!

Bought lots of falsies too!

This batch is just for the break.
They didnt sell the nice bottom lashes i like though :(
Maybe i can find some on wednesday~

Also, my elder brother bought me ff13 as he said he would!
I called him to ask where he was in the mall cause I finished shopping and wanted to go buy games and he said he bought the game liao! woo! I wanted to buy blazblue actually but they didnt sell it with the arcade thing that I saw in Aussie! Rawr!

but woo hoo anyway!

So many cut-scenes, I totally love!!!

Game-play wasn’t so bad either :)
Totally in love.
The chocobo is the cutest thing ever!!


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    Kymmie said,

    I come in here… and the first thing I see are 2 cats… Then I just knew it and went “WAAAAAAEEEEEE?! ;A; NOOOOOOOOO!” out loud

    Will sue you for defamation one of these days… Sooner or later… Someday…

    You wait! ._.

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