doll meet at coffee bean~

Finally joined a doll meet today~
It was a small meet and was quite awkward for me at first, but I’m glad we warmed up much later (^3^)

Because I was lazy to dress Youji, I brought Kaya haha.
Still an unhappy diva, but we took better shots today I think!

More pictures over here !

His wig is in such a mess I want to sell it :/
I’m too lazy to salvage it haha. But we’ll see how!
Met a seller later (whee money!)
Then went to see if Kino sold grace clay (they didn’t)
And off I went to meet Kymmie for Korean dinner~

This is the amount of side dishes!!:

Maybe around 12 odd side dishes!

Never seen so many side dishes for TWO people in my life!
And they were not bad!

We had korean bbq (it was bad! but they grilled the pork for us haha), rice cakes and pancake (kimchi pancake is better than woorinara’s!)

I think next time we should eat chicken at woorinara then come over for pancake! HAHA!

The wall also had alot of scribbles you can write or draw~~~
I wrote a bit of 4minute’s lyrics to MUZIK haha.

Not somewhere I’ll go back for sure except for pancakes! Haha~

We also bought muffins and egg tarts~ Will probably have them tomorrow or later. I think tomorrow though, I’m kinda full still haha.

I can’t wait for my cosplay shoot~
I hope my tailor send out the outfits in time, if not i’ll be so dead!!
Ok, not really, I have backups! But still (>_>);;
I rather not keep doing DOLLS! Haha!


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