Eager Love Revenge

I wanted to blog, but I’m too lazy to upload pictures from my iPhone haha (.__.);;
Anyways in short, I had a shoot on Sunday.
I did 2 characters in one day. It’s was probably a bad decision and I’ll probably not do that again? Haha.
I’ll talk about it another time ~

But just 1 photo first:

CN: Parfait Prince @ Ayane Kubou from DOLLS

It was difficult portraying her because I’m not those type of “act cute” person and had to be that way throughout the shoot. However, it seemed like pictures of this cosplay came out better than Rami.

Also I now have even more $$$ to splurge on cosplay, I think I want to do more Vocaloid now.
I think I’ll sell my dolls costume away soon (@___@)

Big hint:

Awesome remix by Ryo, the original composer of Love is War.

Keke. I’ll probably do this next or something.
Still looking at Pandora Hearts though!

Because I successfully used “eye pucchi” to create deeper double eyelids for the shoot, I can’t wait to try it again soon! I couldn’t today becuase I was VERY VERY late! I’m so sorry Kymmie! Will talk about that tmr as well!

Good night!


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    Bryangohey said,

    GASP~ You’ve lost weight since I saw you like, 6 MONTHS AGO?


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