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Brissy brissy brissy~

I missed you so much, Kadoya curry and bubble tea!

Except, why do you always mix up Kelda’s and my orders? :(
My curry level is wrong!

I bought half a rock melon the other day cause it’s really cheap in Brissy!

My dad bought a whole rock melon in Singapore for SGD7,
in Aussie half a rock melon = AUD1.75 !

Went to Diva and finally gotten the Disney X Diva collection :

It’s actually gold in colour, which I don’t really fancy, but maybe I’ll get used to it?

Tinkerbell~ Also in gold colour (._.);;
Actually breakfast is my favourite meal of the day when I’m traveling in some awesome hotel because of the buffet spread or Maccas haha! I love all sorts of breakfast foods, but I don’t really eat breakfast in Singapore because I’m usually sleeping. Sleep > food anytime! Haha. Since I wake up so early nowadays, I’ve been having breakfasts all the time. I get happy if there’s a variety of food stuffs, so today…:

Small bowl of cereal, small bowl of fruit, apple & cranberry juice, eggs and sausage ~


It’s raining now and I don’t feel like leaving the house to a meeting (>_<)
Can a monitor magically appear please? I’m lazy!

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Today school starts!

….at 7pm – 9pm!
(For today anyway)
What kind of weird timing is this!
I hate night classes but there is no other choice unless I change my elective unit AGAIN.
I changed it about 5 times now. Haha

Recently I’ve been waking up really early in the morning (5-am!)
I get really tired by the time it hits 8pm.
Also really hungry by the time it’s 11am since I eat breakfast very early.
In fact I don’t usually eat breakfast, but once I’m in Brisbane, it seems to be a normal thing unless I wake up at 2pm (which is not often, I wonder why!)

Last night I slept before 11pm, I was already dead tired at 8pm and was struggling to stay awake.
I’m sorry if I sounded super weird talking or online. My brain was very dead. Haha.

I thankfully woke up once to go to the toilet and manged to sleep and woke up at 8.30am. YAY!
No more waking up at 6am! It’s crazy! I get really bored when it’s 10am.

I’m going to get a monitor for sure tomorrow~~
Hope everything works out so I can play super puzzle fighter!

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last days in spore and hello brisbane

On the 3rd last day in Singapore, my elder brother asked me what I wanted to eat then met me for dinner ~ Keke.
Gotta love my bro~ I went to eat char kway teow, coz I couldn’t eat the best char kway teow (my dad’s) coz my dad couldn’t find some of the ingredients in time :(

After eating my dad’s, no char kway teow beats his!
Except maybe the late newton circus char kway teow.

Also went there for oyster egg!!

Not too yummy, but yay anyways!

Went out to bugis street and met my dad for dinner ~~ :
Had ajisen (=__=) :

At the airport, my dad was sick and couldn’t send me off, but my granny came!
Mum, elder bro and granny sent me off~~~
I wasn’t going to shop inside the airport so we went to TCC for some drinks and supper~

Choco parfait!! :

Shared it with my elder bro hehe~

When I arrived in Brisbane, the worse of my fears happened ! =  SIA LOST MY BAG D:
I was very very upset (>_<)
But thank goodness for Kymmie who listened and consoled me if not I would have gone crazy! Haha.
Also thanks to my friends who listening to my non-stop emoness haha.

Watched inception for the 2nd time ~ We also had crepes ! :


Day 2 in Brissy, we went for the BBQ and then headed to Ikea for meatballs with Steve, Kelda, Joson, Sui-Guan (my watermelon buddy!) and Alfred~
Bought some meatballs back and also a waste paper bin since I threw my old one away~
For dinner instead of yummy crepes again, we ate at Guppy!
Nice fish and chips!
Was full so I shared a seafood basket with Shushu~:

Yum! – the weird shit bug scallop. eeeee!!!

Bag finally came today at about 11am.
I woke up at 6ish am coz I slept so early.
It’s really bad! I was so sleepy when it hit 3pm (>_<)

Played lots of Lego batman with Kelda keke!
We are getting smarter at this haha!!

Had to buy a monitor / tv for my ps3 since the TV isn’t HD.
Not sure which one to get, but hope to get it soon! (>_<)
Need to consult mum/bro about it (._.)


Is it worth it? HMMM…

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Gachapon nightmare!

But first!

Poor doggie :(
I bought him snacks and a toy so he won’t be too sad when I leave :(
My parents say he stays at the balcony door when I’m away, waiting for me to come back (T^T)

Today I tried gachapon again.
I’m VERY bad at it when it comes to Naruto-related stuff.
The last time wasn’t even gachapon, it was one of those, just pick a package thing.
I bought 2 in this Shounen jump expo in Japan.


They were BOTH Narutos.
One normal Naruto and one Kyuubi one.
At least it was cute, but still. wtf I wanted a Sasuke or Sakura!!

I paced back and forth for a long time and decided, to hell with it, let’s have faith!
While putting the coins in, I prayed desperately to not get Naruto !

I didn’t get Naruto!







(I was hoping for ITACHI!!!! Sasuke or Kakashi.)

Angly Minatozzzz.

Actually I’m a bit thankful it’s not Naruto, I quite like Minato coz I once thought “ah, he’s hot!” *shameless*.
But it pisses me off coz the Uchiha brothers ARE SO MUCH CUTER:

I almost inserted another $3 but decided not to. coz I would prolly get a Naruto with my dumb luck :(

Even though my camera is named Gintoki after the main chara in Gintama, Minato is now hanging on my camera bag keke!

Felt a bit accomplished today~
I bought notebook for school, face sauna thingy, and 2 usamimi headbands~~ oh and i finally gotten something from that brand “FOX” it’s a Winnie the pooh tank~ keke. It was on sale for $9 ~ I was actually walking through the shop and I saw it haha.

Also I forgot to take photos of this, but the other day I bought these:

For housemates and I keke. Mine’s obviously the bear one (coz im not a pig nehnehnehpoopoo!)
My housemates can just decide ownership of the other bowls on their own keke.
But aiya actually bowls are bowls la huh, can hold food (icecream!!) 就可以了~

Photos were taken using my P&S camera, which is coincidentally also a Sony. I’m wondering if I should bring it to aussie or not, coz I don’t really use it so much coz its batt life sucks balls due to the touch screen :/ HMM.

My awesome maid packed my stuff for me~
Cosplay stuff are in too!

I packed my PS3 in already~~
I need to pack in toiletries, my chargers/wires, kumiko’s headless body + her clothes, makeup and my main bag + laptop and i’m done ~~

Aunt’s coming over tomorrow with my nephew.
I’m going to meet him for the first time!
Hope he likes me!

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going back to KG soon~

As I was looking for a file I recently downloaded that got into my silly download folder instead of my desktop, I came across some old pictures of my household in KG. My brissy family haha.

I’m the nagging ah nia/mum yet I’m actually the youngest in the household haha.
Kelly’s the big sister but sometimes Kelda calls her pig. Pet pig? OK, NO! I’M SORRY, DONT WHACK ME WHEN I GET BACK!
Kelda’s the annoying daughter of mine, but sometimes she’s my elder sister.

IT’S REALLY COMPLICATED but I love it all the same!

The photo folders were labeled weird too, “HAHAHA”, “nananaa batman” and “spiderman spiderman” it must have been Kelda and I on crack!

I seriously love these alcohol shots, I can no longer find them anymore! Pooey! :

We had wine before taking pictures and so were a bit high haha!

^ *does not comprehend my own madness* haha.

I saw these pictures and laughed haha. There are more, but to save our pride/dignity/face I shall not reveal more ! haha!

Going back though I think would be stressful, I think I can pull through and create funny wonderful memories with my friends again keke ^^I miss dining out in the cold with wine and emo-ing/gossiping and finding my smiling moon and kelly’s “shooting stars” (they were actually helicopters/aerial things haha). Hope to get everyone to do it soon keke!

Maybe now I’ll be more excited to go back to Brissy ~~

I know I’ve been blogging A LOT and plurking like mad too!
That’s because I don’t sleep (till maybe 9am anyway), I think a lot and want to talk a lot but sometimes there’s no one awake [when it’s 3-4am of course no one is awake .. usually (=_=)] hahaha.

Maybe I should start writing about my dolls again. I’m very inspired by byouyuuken~ ^^

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As according to plans,
My Lance and Glot will be shipped out to Angie tomorrow! I can’t wait!
I found her by chance on DoA when I clicked into commissioner’s services and her thread was right on top! The pictures were so pretty and she had a promo too!

Maybe only shipping to Australia will be slightly expensive! USD19? but it’s EMS so my dearies will be safe for sure!
Still thinking of who I should bring over. I’m bringing Kumiko’s body over (haha?) and maybe one of my boys because I may need them for shooting hmm and so when my lance gets shipped to me, i can see how it is on the body~

I’m going to pack my bags tomorrow after facial (T^T)
Not sure if I’ll bring a monitor along though (>_>);; I have also cosplay outfit to bring, I can’t possibly fit so many things right?
Then again unless I bring lesser clothes.. .HMMM!!

We’ll see how tomorrow!

Anyways with accordance to scraping my previous characters for Lance, since both didn’t work out, I’m doing a new persona for him~ He’s now Takeshi~ I’ll delete all other pictures of his previous characters in my laptop after I receive the new him~~ keke.

I can’t wait to receive him now~ Even though my heart aches because of the money on the company faceup (>_<)

I shall never get a company faceup again! (Unless from DOD ! haha)
Feel like sending Youji for a faceup too, but I will resist!

I realised that because my Lance and Yeon-ho arrived at the same time, they have some sort of “bond” I have to re-characterise both moulds now, in order to let the previous character for my Lance to go (>_<) Working on back -stories now~~

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i wish…

Photo by: Beserk @ SGCafe

I wish I was some awesome face-up artist.
Some artists charge about USD50-USD150 and above for one face-up (*A*)

Can you imagine all the money I’ll get to buy more Vivienne Westwood stuff and utterly random useless stuff like … bento kits?


Not going to bother about Kumiko’s faceup anymore haha it was pretty much a failure. I found the perfect face-up artist with good turn-around time and promo! I PMed her to check if I could send 2 heads, one glot and one lance~ if not, i’ll just send kumiko over~ I want to take pictures of her in Aussie land~~

I still can’t find one side of her boots though, VERY ODD.
I must learn to keep her stuff properly from now on (@_@)

Need to get more wigs , eyes and shoes for her too~~
I need to shop and spend to stop thinking about stressful matters. Haha?

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