doll wishlist revamp!

Cut for long list and doll rant ahead!

Intially this was my wishlist (taken off my own DoA account haha) :

CP Dreaming El hybrid: Murasaki Kaito
CP El: Murasaki Katsuro
DOT T.Sha: Nuada Vardamir
CP Nanuri’07: Lucien Sandulf [dropping?]
AS Lucifer: Fujin Toshiro [dropping?]
AS Cinderella: Sofiel
FE Dreaming Breakaway: Kaida
FE LittleFee Shiwoo: Hotaru
AA Shi Ba
BC Gun
Volks School A mod: Theodore Sandulf
Volks School C
Volks Tae: Elizabeth
Volks F16
Volks Sweet dream School A boy
DOD Homme Kirill: Uriel

That’s 16 dolls and honestly I want more haha.
But I’ve decided that I’m seriously a freaking DOD fan. Even though I hate how crappy their resin can be, I truly love DOD :(
It’s like a complicated relationship.

While hunting for pictures of Calla, I found this collector who has nothing but DOD dolls. It’s really freaking cool!
Anyways my new list will have:

1/3 kids

CP Dreaming El mod: Murasaki Kaito
CP El: Murasaki Katsuro

DOT Tender Sha
DOT Calla

DOT Tender Sha / Tender Shall
SNG Hyul (twin for my current hyul)
Volks School A mod
Volks Cecile or Reisner or Black/White Cat Lucas mod
(haha this is a long-term thing)

Rosen Lied Poppy

That’s 10 definite dolls I want!
If I get another volks female or male doll that would be cool too. Napidoll dolls would be great too haha. Thinking of Renewal Chesi, but it’s not making it to the list yet.

All this to come when I work mannn..
Right now I’m just doing cosplay haha.

I already know who to send some of my dolls to already (^^)
But I can only send it when I’m back again to Singapore because the artist is preparing for a doll event (>_<)
It’s ok though, I’m not really in a rush haha.
I gotten my dollzone floy outfit I bought off SGCafe and mygawd so many pieces (@__@)
I will do a shoot with Maion soon for Sandra~ But I havent gotten any inspiration yet (>_<)
Wonder if I should get the sony mini dslr first then shoot HMMMM…


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