meeting with the taichou~

Met Taichou for some okonomiyaki~
I chose a pork one, and FUCK IT SUCKS BALLS.
I ate less than half! *proud*

Also was late :(
Curse my luck on the bus, I must have used up my luck when my costumes arrived suddenly!
THANK GAWD I ANSWERED MY PHONE cause the delivery man was lost. phew.
I didn’t think my costumes will arrive cause when I spoke to the tailor yesterday, she didn’t reply D:
I have to send money over for shipping again soon~
Will probably make my PH ones from her at the same time too.

Will get down to eager love revenge cos maybe this weekend too, so I’ll send money all at one shot. I hate going all the fucking way to boonlay :(

We made the following:

Looks like a pizza!! Hahaa. He ate it too and said it was good. WTF?
Haha. Do not believe!!

Also my birthday pressie I forgot to take ! LOOK AT HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IT IS!!!!!
Totally love it!!! Thanks taichou!! (=3=)

Anyways I had lots of fun catching up and what not~~~
Ahhh I really miss kuroichou hahah!

Really hope Taichou, Ken and I can re-cosplay bleach again and have epic shoots :P

What a blessed day! (minus the bus ride and thinking i was lost or gotten on the wrong bus part)


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    Aldo said,

    You play FFXI?

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