cosplay preps + dinner with cousins

But first, look what i FINALLY bought a few days back:

I seriously beyond belief, love pressing the buttons on it haha.
Btw, WTF Riku’s wig looks freaking scary in the BG. Ignore it ! Haha.
Also ignore my wtf-hair.

My super messy Miku base wig is still messy since I didn’t touch it at all, I think I should sell and buy a new one, but I don’t know. This is by far, longest / heaviest (maybe?) wig I own EVERRR. Wtf it came in 2 bags! Haha.

Anyways, I went out to get cosplay stuff and whee. I’m so relieved I found it at one place! And didnt need to go bugis / chinatown at all! Phew! It was mad raining today too! Almost wanted to buy garters, but decided against it incase my mum decides it’s too kinky and won’t let me out of the house on Sunday haha.

I bought syringes and needles too! I don’t get why it’s super cheap but I’m not gonna complain, hey~ :P
Also bought REALLY CUTE HEELS. If it wasn’t for cosplay, I would have bought the black one !! I think I should next week! It’s $10 off too. But I wonder if it’s weird to have same shoes of different colours :/ HMMM.

All i have to do is:
1. Style wig and test
2. Do prop

and i’m done PHEW!

I shall NOT talk about how I got to meet my cousins for dinner cause it’s very upsetting and i super thank and love best friend in the world, kymmie oracle lee for listening to my angry rants of doom haha.

So glad I made it though, even though it was WTF ex and it was a bit awkward at the start, we had lotsa fun laughing and reminiscing about the old days (^-^)
I’m also learning to forgive that one person. (^3^)

Hope we can all meet up again soon!!! I want to attend my cousin’s wedding too! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME ATTEND IT!!!  (>_<)

Going to pay respect to my late paternal grandparents tomorrow and hopefully spend some time with my lil bro! I havent seen him in a week! I made a candy pack for him yesterday with Jap lollies and dessert-flavoured sweets and left it at a strategic place (near his hanging uniform) to surprise him in the morning~ I hope he saw it ! (>_<)



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