cosfest xi – day 2~

This photo has NOTHING to do with cosfest but it’s here cause I got a whole folder of pretty and weird (because there are shots where MJ was testing the lighting and i was caught doing funny things and GAHH expressions haha) pictures from MJ today, courtesy of my cousin Wilson Kor who came down to Cosfest around the afternoon.

Pity it was a bittt boring for him since he was way tired and in no mood to shoot hahaa.

Anyways, surprise surprise, I did Miku ~ Probably one of the first “AH I KNOW WHO YOU ARE” type of characters for me. Bleach cosplay does not count cause honestly Nemu is such a mino character :(

Anyways I’m really too darn tired to talk about cosfest now but i will do so tomorrow or something.

Things I need to do tomorrow:
2. Do Kumiko’s faceup if it doesnt rain
3. Start on clay stuff
4. Re-sync stupid iPhone
5. Book facial
6. Jog / swim
7. Remove scary-coloured nail polish
8. Flatten the foam cross and store it
9. Ask tailor for shipping costs
10. If inspiration hits, shoot pictures of Maion




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