cosfest xi – parfait prince

Woke up a little later than usual for events/ shoots and felt awesomeeee haha.
Took my time to do my wig and makeup~

Because the wig was so heavy, my wig head kept toppling backwards, my dad got so annoyed, he helped me hold the wig head haha and made lots of hilarious comments about the whole thing.

While I went to find something, he accidentally hit my wig head over! (O__O)
I heard the commotion and all the “sssh”ing and laughter from my brother’s tutor (no i didn’t scare the tutor away, he was used to seeing me cosplay haha!), so I came out and my dad cheekily went “NOTHING HAPPENED!”
I told him that one of the ponytails was not on the chair like it should be, but on the table and he was caught! Haha.
He always does this! He did it to my cake before, when I asked him to take care of it, he dropped the box and my cake was flattened :(


Thankfully kuku/jinhong was able to meet for lunch and somehow ended up accompanying me the whole day! Keke. Thanks kuku!

I couldn’t dial a cab for ages! Finally one came, and I arrived at about 1.45ish?
Met Kuku then visited his friend’s booth for him to change to his shoes~

Got swamped by photographers !
But thankfully too, since my wig was not in such a bad shape! Haha

Taken by AlvinZ! Who is actually my acquaintance in the doll scene. Haha. Whoops? There were so many people I didn’t know who is who! That photo is seriously my best and favourite solo shot so far! Haha.

After getting out of the photographer swamp, we went for lunch~ I was surprisingly not very hungry but ate some anyway~ We chatted a lot and caught up with stuff, then prepared to go out again~

Watched a couple of performances, apparently there were many traps at cosfest xi, and indeed there were! Hahah!
We were so shocked! We kept trying to figure out which were traps! Haha.

Shortly after, met Yoshi nii, who will now form today onwards, be my LED expert haha!
He helped Mitsuki and Cubie (who were finalist for the WCS competition) with their LED stuff!

I concluded that if you don’t have LEDs on your costume, forget about competing! Hahaa!
According to Yoshi nii, it’s a Korean trend thingum~!

Luckily Yoshi and Kuku got along so I didn’t need to worry much about them when I was posing.
Those bastards left me there alone!! Haha.

It was a non-stop flow of photographers (@_@)
Then suddenly on my left I realised someone was beside me D: (Usually people ask before taking a pic with me! she just appeared! kowaii!!)
It was a girl, so ok, I posed with her. Then later her mum/relative wanted a photo with me too and stood next to me.
But she tugged on my wig D: and went “omg this is so long!” in Mandarin D<
Omg, auntie, my wig is already messy and you play with it ? >( Hmph.
That was not all, I was continuing to pose when someone kept bumping into me and really hit into me, I turned to see who it was and to move away, IT WAS THE SAME CHEENA AUNTIE.


After looking at more performances and taking more photos, we walked to the outside to look at more cosplays~
On the way this costumer followed me from behind haha. He wanted to take a photo with me but when he turned around, his friend abandoned him :( so he had to ask a random person to snap a picture. I later saw him and his other SWAT friends later in the day and they took pictures of me and with me again. What a buncha cute SWAT dudes :P It’s my fondest memory of cosfest xi! :P

Wilson Kor also came to Cosfest and we had a hard time finding each other haha.
Met Leo and Sh90 outside. What a surprise~! Haven’t seen them in ages!

5 years ago, Leo, sh90, Yoshi nii and I plus 40+ others met to go to cosfest together at the very same venue~ What memories!
I instantly missed everyone from Kuroichou~ (T^T)

As we stepped onto the mud to catch up, I didn’t realise it, but my heels were sinking into the wet mud (X_X)
Also more photo-ing later, I was stinking in deeper and deeper the longer I stood (X_X)
I was going shorter and shorter haha!

Also met Ravener, Nicholas etc. I didn’t see them amongst the wall of photographers, but I spotted someone waving at me and was like “whutttt?” hahaa. Pity I didn’t get to catch up with them (>_<) By the time most of the photographers cleared, I couldn’t find them! :(

Leo and Kuku had to try save me too haha. Thanks !
Decided to head back to concrete!! My heels were new and I was not happy at the amount of mud on it :(

Photo by Aluca, edit by parfait prince
Kuku cosing as a white smith from RO~

Met Verse/Reiyu too!! Omg! It’s been ages! When I was cosplaying, she wasn’t cosplaying. When she started cosplaying, I wasn’t cosplaying (@_@) haha!

We caught up for a while and then she had to leave~

Kymmie came by to support too! Yay Kymmie (=3=)

After catching more performances and the winner of WCS and what not, we headed to rest our poor feet. I really couldn’t walk properly to burger king, I felt like a man in heels (=_=)|||

Decided to change out after resting for a while~

We headed to dinner later, Kymmie, Wilson Kor and I~ as Kuku had to head back to the booth~
Everywhere was full omg, we ate some weird western food in the end hahaa.
We took the MRT back and recited tongue twisters hahah!!

Say “Yellow lorry, red lorry” 5 times fast!
Also Kymmie., my wonderful musuko gave me my favourite cookies!!!!!!! Whee!! Thank you and I love you!!!

I’m really happy I got to go to Cosfest XI! I met some really cute people, saw some really great cosplays and had a great time catching up and interacting with people~ (^^)

My only regret is not taking a picture with the cute firefox mascot! Kymmie, Wilson kor and kuku had no idea it was a firefox mascot, IT IS LAH! He was holding a globe! haha. I’m not weird, you guys ave no imagination! Bleh!

But thank you everyone! I had a great time keke!

My wig came back in a serious mess though, had to rescue it asap! Haha~
Looking at cosplaying another series with Kuku and Yoshi nii too. Can’t wait ! :P


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  1. 1

    Dare mo Shiranai said,

    Hello! I just came across this post like one minute ago. Although it has been a year already… I believe I am the “SWAT guy” you mentioned in this post. I still remember then, too!

    Shoutout to you, wherever you are? Did you come by this year’s Cosfest too? :)

  2. 3

    Dare mo Shiranai said,

    It’s amazing how I ended up on your blog only this year after searching for “cosfest x.1 swat photo” or something to that effect. :) Kekeke. Well, I went this year too, again as a SWAT operator although my gear is different from what I had on last year. :)

    For your viewing/tagging pleasure – (Cosfest IX) (Cosfest X.1)

    :) How’ve you been though? Seems like some work matters clouding your skies?

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