moar cosfest xi piccies from wilson kor!

I NINJARZZZed some cosfest xi pictures from my cousin, Wilson! Keke.
He was a huge help that day haha :P
Thanks Kor!!!

With Jin Hong/Kuku. He’s cosplaying White Smith from RO~

With cute Yowane, the drunk! :P
Didn’t catch her name (>_<)

With Kuku and Kuroichou pals, Leo and sh90 ~
Yes, the free anna sui bag came useful cause I stuffed everything in it :P

And one more!

Best butt-ie who dropped by (=3=)

With cute itachi cosser whose name I also didn’t catch!
It was her first time cosplaying, she was quite cute ~ !

Today I met Jalyn ! Finally!!
Nice to catch up with her keke!

Met her for lunch then zipped away to meet Kymmie and Shushu for drinks + a lot of peanut throwing haha! Plus freaking awesome chicken wings!!
Then left for dessert and dempsey (sp?). I was sooo sleepy by then! I think I must be a sleepy drunk if I ever get drunk :P
We went back to Orchard (WTF !) and caught Repoman or something, the one with Jude Law. WHAT THE CRAP. I hate the parts were they slice up bodies to remove organs!!! Gross max hey?

My wonderful mum waited up for me! Keke. Love her!

My contacts have been giving me a lot of problems recently. I wonder if it’s the :
A. Solution
B. Contacts itself
C. Casing
D. Place where I put casing at

that is giving me huge problems!
My vision is blurry now and I have red sore eyes :(
My contacts are new too! This is uber duber frustrating! I’m going to change all of the above to eliminate this crappy feeling my vision has right now :(


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