I tried to re-set my body clock but it didn’t work :(
As soon as Kymmie left to get her breakfast, I fell asleep next to my laptop on the bed (@_@)
I hit the snooze button till 3pm and didn’t have mac brekkie in the end :(

Maybe tomorrow! I’ll ask my lil bro to wake me up for sure!

Waiting for my ps3 demos and game, Flower to be downloaded ~~

I seriously want a new game for the ps3 soon!
Something like a FPS or RPG would be nice.
Maybe I’ll finish ff13 in Aussie :/

I’m still wondering if I should buy a monitor there or in Singapore, gotta consult Shushu soon!

Edit: Ahhh the Dior makeup workshop has been canceled :( I was looking forward to it too! (>_<)

List of things to buy:
1. Sony nex5  (OK DAD. I’ll get it already. Rawr.)
2. iPod classic
3. PS3 stuff! woo
4. Lashes
5. Contacts and contacts solution
6. Cleanser
7. Monitor/headphones not sure yet HMMM..)
8. SD cards for psp and ds!

Things to do:
1. Finish faceup
2. Take photos of Maion
3. Brush out miku’s wig
4. Find DS and PS3 charger :(


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