Gintoki and Shino arrives!

A parfait~! :

Also a few days back I went to No.5 [KELDA IF U ARE READING THIS, yes the same one we tried to go in with Steve etc. KYM AND I MADE IT IN! You just look like a kid :( HAHAHAA. But it’s ok, I STILL LOVE YOU]

Can’t remember what this is, but it was sparkle smthsmth and tasted like soda.
Very odd.

Shushu downed about 3 drinks? and Kymmie about 2 i think? 1 was a shot too coz she lost in a game of “guess who many peanuts there are, odd or even?”

We also threw peanut shells at each other. Really great fun to hang out with them! Keke.

And the main point of today’s post:

Gintoki’s my new shiny sony nex5, a mini dslr~
And Shino, my iPod classic replacing my UBER DEAD iPod xth gen (i don’t remember)
It was my BESTTTTT iPod and it lasted for many fucking years and never died on me :(
But sadly the years took its toll, and my old trusty iPod died :(
I hope Shino is as good as it looks!

Funding for Gintoki was from my secret funds my mum gave me haha.
It breaks my heart to spend a bomb on it. I could have gotten a volks doll ! Haha.
But it really takes awesome pictures!
Can’t wait to shoot!

By the way, I found acrylic paint in my cupboards, so maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday I will finish Kumiko’s faceup !
Her wig and more clothes are on the way, may get her some new eyes though. Don’t really like the ones I’ve got on hand now.

Today since my mum abandoned me halfway, even though she persuaded me to go with her, she allowed me to spend some $$$.

Bought 3 magazines. 2 of which cause it came with freebies ~

Tralala bunny ears (!!!) and hair wig piece~~
I seriously spent $12 on the bunny ears, cause the magazine is for girls much younger haha.

But bunny ears are IN style now! (in Japan and Taiwan/ HongKong anyway~) I wonder if I should head down to Bugis to search if they have any coz I’m too lazy to tie the bandanna ones. but i may also be too lazy to head down to bugis haha. Whoops?

Also my dad paid for another pair of shoes I got, I can’t help it. Shoes are cheaper here and nicer compared to Aussie! :(
Can’t wait to wear them out tomorrow~~
Anyways I’m a happy girl today! I feel like a rich spoilt brat though. Haha.


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