so much pretty~~

Saw this on gyaru secrets comm.
Wow, Tsubasa, you changed a lot!! D:

She lost A LOT of weight over the years D:
The lines on her face are MAKE-UP GUIDES!
She didn’t do plastic surgery (>_<)

I’m going to get Tsubasa-type hair (LOL WHUT?) for sure rawrs!
Must remember to book hair salon appointment tomorrow (>_<) ahh!

Recently, I’m very much into ulzzangs! D:
Even though I prolly can’t pronounce that properly haha!

This is Park Yong Hee, one of my favourites! :

Pictures from

She’s really really hot omg!

I’m upset she doesn’t use naver :( It’s so much easier for my to navigate haha.
Oh Heki-sama, don’t you ever change to cyworld! :P


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  1. 1

    Naomi said,

    Ahh Park Yong Hee~ Dayumm she is really hot lOl. I’d do her for sure aha}}

    Wow Tsubasa! Where’d you get the money for all that? And how are you gonna explain the kid lOl?

  2. 3

    Joy said,

    those before and after photos means she had plastic surgery? or did she just lose weight? haha.. v drastic eh!

    – joy

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