Despicable Me !

Went out with my awesome buncha peeps to catch Despicable Me!
Also for dim sum [mygawd what happened to you crystal jade kitchen, why do you suck now :(] and just chilling out bascially~

Despicable Me was not a bad show, I don’t know why I wasn’t laughing as much, maybe they gave away too many things in the trailer that it just wasn’t that funny anymore :/

Guy beside Kymmie was a dork, kept laughing like mad at the weirdest parts!

We later chilled out more and got some dinner at Ajisen~
As other people were talking about stuff, it’s SNAPSNAP time!

Sleeping polar bear:

He actually posed for this haha!

The Penguin~


Andd caught :(

He said he wanted to pose in an “act cute” way?
*gags* haha.

Cause we were talking about something else, I totally forgot to snap one of Kymmie and myself :(


Went out to run some errands today at Jurong Point. I was supposed to cancel dinner plans near my place after with my elder bro and so, I was just to do errands and go home so I didn’t even wear makeup and wore flipflops and glasses haha. Big mistake, Riko! Big big big mistake! Coz later onwards plans changed and I had to go town :(

At Jurong point, I went to check sony style store there as I was looking to buy a leather case for my Gintoki. And wtf no one attended to me at all when I was browsing intensively. Fucking hell it’s not as if I don’t have fucking cash to buy just coz I dressed like a kuku!
*annoyed* I will NEVER step into that place again! I’ll shall go check out wisma’s one tomorrow with Gintoki and get my case there! BLEHHH!!

Met dad and elder bro and later onwards mum, for some kenny rogers:

It was actually not bad but it was cold.
Gross max.
I shall just tabao corn muffins next time!
Should have chosen Tony Romas *facepalm*

I’m not sure what package is stuck in the post office, but I really hope it’s the wig for Kumiko!
I would love if her dresses came tomorrow though. It’s really taking too long, its ridiculous!
Went onto the forum of wallet-doom, DoA and read about the cute Crobidoll event~!
Then I stupidly clicked on the wigs section.
Gawd!! Why did I do that?
I could spend about $500+ on just wigs at one go!! (>_<)

But right now, I desperately want :
CRWL-31 (Milky Blond)
CRWL-25 (Mellow Cream)
CRWL-33 (Ocean Green)
CRWL-33 (Sky Blue)

I also want to buy leekeworld wigs of the limited colour selections!!
I saw some on the marketplace but for females and I don’t have a female doll, but omg it’s so pretty (T__T)
Maybe if I don’t get lazy and get a job in Brissy, I’ll bring home a DOD Calla (>_<)

Ahhhh~ Hair appointment tomorrow, I hope to get some curls, if not I’ll hurl something at them. Haha.
Hope it’s not expensive too (=_=)
Good night.. or rather morning ! :P


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