I’m not a happy camper.

Which is weird too, because I’m not PMSing or anything but I feel so blah these days.


Edit: I found the reason. The reason being REGRET.

When I was younger, I used to love watching WWF (not called WWE) and I adored the Hardy boys and Lisa.
They were my favourite team and Jeff Hardy’s motto was “live for the moment”
I used to always say that but I come to realise I never did anything in particular to “live for the moment”.

I don’t know why I don’t like taking risks, perhaps I always hate the whole regretting moments that follows shortly after.
We should be able to do something and go “FUCK WE SCREWED UP” and not look back at it further.
I wonder why I can’t seem to do that.

All my worries seem really little right now though, I shouldn’t be moping around like some sad fuck, but I can’t help it when I over-think.

I hate making bad decisions or actions.
I wish I could forget that.

I should really immerse myself into something.. maybe I’ll start writing again but I’ll feel like a bigger naru-tard who doesn’t even read/watch the manga/anime.

If I could take these feelings out of my chest, shove them into a box and watch it burn, I’ld be happy.
But it’s feelings and emotions that make us human, isn’t it?
Makes us stronger and better people.



At least that’s what I tell myself in order to move forward and build a thicker skin.


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