Bad cosplay photography to cosplayers

Sometimes I think when being a photographer, even though you may think “ah this shot looks nice!”
Maybe you can spare a thought for the cosplayers as well.

Some photographers take photos in such weird angles, our faces look 10times fatter than in real life.
Today, while looking for more of my cosfest shots (coz by now they should all be out!) I came across something maybe worse than being caught blinking half-way?

In this thread YOU CAN SEE EVERY COSPLAYER’S PORES!! WTF?! *(&*^@#^&^@!!!

I’m NOT in any of these pictures, cause I think they are of Day 1?
Whatever day it is, what the flying fish!
This is terrible!

I know some people think, are tighter the shots, it’s good cause it’s an event and you have people everywhere. But wtf. this is really bad for the cosplayers. I certainly will NEVER post a picture up on my CURE/dA where you can visibility my pores or melting makeup under the sun.

I’m disturbed.

I hope there are no scary photos of myself like that (>_>);;
This is why I hate it when people ask for close-ups or are taking close-ups without my knowledge (>_<)


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