Blinded by Light, Hikaru

Took some shots this morning/afternoon for Sandra darling~

Also this top was something I bought at TDA09, chucked somewhere and found the a few weeks back.
Don’t even know where this top is from D:
Initially I bought it for Tatsuya/Kayden/Kaya, but I decided to check how it would like on Hikaru instead~

Funny how I think it suits him a lot, perhaps more than the others. This shall be his top from now on! Keke.
Also, how awesome are those shorts, seriously?
I can’t find anything like it on the marketplace that is of reasonable price.
Thank goodness I snapped it up as soon as Aki placed it up on sale. Phew!
Hope she makes more! Haven’t been stalking her sales as of late (@_@)

Also decided to stick on his Ram horns even though they aren’t blushed.
I actually painted the bigger ones, but I have no clue where those are either.. ORZ

I will be posting more on dA and also DoA and Sgcafe.
In fact some of the pictures are already on DoA.
These 2 in my blog are the ones I didn’t post inside the thread.

The whole set was about 80+MB? I only have like 100mb or so per month on flickr, coz i’m on the free account (@_@)
I didn’t want to resize any pics, why would I take photos with a dslr and then resize it? Didn’t make sense to me haha. I only resized from 5mb to 3mb.

Pictures are still nice to view on Preview’s slideshow though~
I’m really happy with Gintoki~ You did a good job today!

Half-way through my boy managed to get some good shots keke.

After photoshoot, sending granny home, on MSN a while, I left to go have dinner with my fam ~
I was super lazy and we weren’t going to town, so I didn’t put any makeup ORZ

Fresh face siblings:

Elder brother was being an emo brat so didn’t take one with him haha.
My younger bro was super cute today!
He woke me up and was like “Jie jie…”
When I opened my eyes, his face was huge and he was smiling like :D
I asked sleepily “whut???”
And he continued to smile like :D :D :D and ran away.

If he wasn’t so cute, I would have pummeled him to death. haha.

Apparently he wanted to ask if he could eat my chicken but he changed his mind and ran away haha.

Because I watched inception last night, I had a series of weird dreams too.
It was also bad dreams. When my mum woke me up at 10am (I slept at 6am) I almost screamed at her face haha.

Anyways I pleaded to have peking duck hoho! :

We had other awesome food too !!

Then we went for durian~~


It was so yummy but I was very full and couldn’t eat a lot.
My throat hurts though (>_>);; Im getting old hahaha.
I keep drinking water and in turn, have to go toilet a lot of times too (>_>) agrh!!

Also bought mangosteen! Yummers! Gonna eat that tomorrow keke!


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