i wish…

Photo by: Beserk @ SGCafe

I wish I was some awesome face-up artist.
Some artists charge about USD50-USD150 and above for one face-up (*A*)

Can you imagine all the money I’ll get to buy more Vivienne Westwood stuff and utterly random useless stuff like … bento kits?


Not going to bother about Kumiko’s faceup anymore haha it was pretty much a failure. I found the perfect face-up artist with good turn-around time and promo! I PMed her to check if I could send 2 heads, one glot and one lance~ if not, i’ll just send kumiko over~ I want to take pictures of her in Aussie land~~

I still can’t find one side of her boots though, VERY ODD.
I must learn to keep her stuff properly from now on (@_@)

Need to get more wigs , eyes and shoes for her too~~
I need to shop and spend to stop thinking about stressful matters. Haha?


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