going back to KG soon~

As I was looking for a file I recently downloaded that got into my silly download folder instead of my desktop, I came across some old pictures of my household in KG. My brissy family haha.

I’m the nagging ah nia/mum yet I’m actually the youngest in the household haha.
Kelly’s the big sister but sometimes Kelda calls her pig. Pet pig? OK, NO! I’M SORRY, DONT WHACK ME WHEN I GET BACK!
Kelda’s the annoying daughter of mine, but sometimes she’s my elder sister.

IT’S REALLY COMPLICATED but I love it all the same!

The photo folders were labeled weird too, “HAHAHA”, “nananaa batman” and “spiderman spiderman” it must have been Kelda and I on crack!

I seriously love these alcohol shots, I can no longer find them anymore! Pooey! :

We had wine before taking pictures and so were a bit high haha!

^ *does not comprehend my own madness* haha.

I saw these pictures and laughed haha. There are more, but to save our pride/dignity/face I shall not reveal more ! haha!

Going back though I think would be stressful, I think I can pull through and create funny wonderful memories with my friends again keke ^^I miss dining out in the cold with wine and emo-ing/gossiping and finding my smiling moon and kelly’s “shooting stars” (they were actually helicopters/aerial things haha). Hope to get everyone to do it soon keke!

Maybe now I’ll be more excited to go back to Brissy ~~

I know I’ve been blogging A LOT and plurking like mad too!
That’s because I don’t sleep (till maybe 9am anyway), I think a lot and want to talk a lot but sometimes there’s no one awake [when it’s 3-4am of course no one is awake .. usually (=_=)] hahaha.

Maybe I should start writing about my dolls again. I’m very inspired by byouyuuken~ ^^


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  1. 1

    Kelly said,

    GERALDINE EE JIA YI!!! What’s left of my dignity and poise after this post!? *strangles* hahahah

    • 2

      narikodesu said,

      HAHAHAHA! I didn’t post the one where you made funny fish face and your starfish pose on the bed (coz yes kelda sent it to me) HAHAHA! I’m such a good girl liao hahaha!

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