As according to plans,
My Lance and Glot will be shipped out to Angie tomorrow! I can’t wait!
I found her by chance on DoA when I clicked into commissioner’s services and her thread was right on top! The pictures were so pretty and she had a promo too!

Maybe only shipping to Australia will be slightly expensive! USD19? but it’s EMS so my dearies will be safe for sure!
Still thinking of who I should bring over. I’m bringing Kumiko’s body over (haha?) and maybe one of my boys because I may need them for shooting hmm and so when my lance gets shipped to me, i can see how it is on the body~

I’m going to pack my bags tomorrow after facial (T^T)
Not sure if I’ll bring a monitor along though (>_>);; I have also cosplay outfit to bring, I can’t possibly fit so many things right?
Then again unless I bring lesser clothes.. .HMMM!!

We’ll see how tomorrow!

Anyways with accordance to scraping my previous characters for Lance, since both didn’t work out, I’m doing a new persona for him~ He’s now Takeshi~ I’ll delete all other pictures of his previous characters in my laptop after I receive the new him~~ keke.

I can’t wait to receive him now~ Even though my heart aches because of the money on the company faceup (>_<)

I shall never get a company faceup again! (Unless from DOD ! haha)
Feel like sending Youji for a faceup too, but I will resist!

I realised that because my Lance and Yeon-ho arrived at the same time, they have some sort of “bond” I have to re-characterise both moulds now, in order to let the previous character for my Lance to go (>_<) Working on back -stories now~~


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