Gachapon nightmare!

But first!

Poor doggie :(
I bought him snacks and a toy so he won’t be too sad when I leave :(
My parents say he stays at the balcony door when I’m away, waiting for me to come back (T^T)

Today I tried gachapon again.
I’m VERY bad at it when it comes to Naruto-related stuff.
The last time wasn’t even gachapon, it was one of those, just pick a package thing.
I bought 2 in this Shounen jump expo in Japan.


They were BOTH Narutos.
One normal Naruto and one Kyuubi one.
At least it was cute, but still. wtf I wanted a Sasuke or Sakura!!

I paced back and forth for a long time and decided, to hell with it, let’s have faith!
While putting the coins in, I prayed desperately to not get Naruto !

I didn’t get Naruto!







(I was hoping for ITACHI!!!! Sasuke or Kakashi.)

Angly Minatozzzz.

Actually I’m a bit thankful it’s not Naruto, I quite like Minato coz I once thought “ah, he’s hot!” *shameless*.
But it pisses me off coz the Uchiha brothers ARE SO MUCH CUTER:

I almost inserted another $3 but decided not to. coz I would prolly get a Naruto with my dumb luck :(

Even though my camera is named Gintoki after the main chara in Gintama, Minato is now hanging on my camera bag keke!

Felt a bit accomplished today~
I bought notebook for school, face sauna thingy, and 2 usamimi headbands~~ oh and i finally gotten something from that brand “FOX” it’s a Winnie the pooh tank~ keke. It was on sale for $9 ~ I was actually walking through the shop and I saw it haha.

Also I forgot to take photos of this, but the other day I bought these:

For housemates and I keke. Mine’s obviously the bear one (coz im not a pig nehnehnehpoopoo!)
My housemates can just decide ownership of the other bowls on their own keke.
But aiya actually bowls are bowls la huh, can hold food (icecream!!) 就可以了~

Photos were taken using my P&S camera, which is coincidentally also a Sony. I’m wondering if I should bring it to aussie or not, coz I don’t really use it so much coz its batt life sucks balls due to the touch screen :/ HMM.

My awesome maid packed my stuff for me~
Cosplay stuff are in too!

I packed my PS3 in already~~
I need to pack in toiletries, my chargers/wires, kumiko’s headless body + her clothes, makeup and my main bag + laptop and i’m done ~~

Aunt’s coming over tomorrow with my nephew.
I’m going to meet him for the first time!
Hope he likes me!


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    Joy said,

    so you lost ur ps3 too??? gosh! sq so inefficient ah?!

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