last days in spore and hello brisbane

On the 3rd last day in Singapore, my elder brother asked me what I wanted to eat then met me for dinner ~ Keke.
Gotta love my bro~ I went to eat char kway teow, coz I couldn’t eat the best char kway teow (my dad’s) coz my dad couldn’t find some of the ingredients in time :(

After eating my dad’s, no char kway teow beats his!
Except maybe the late newton circus char kway teow.

Also went there for oyster egg!!

Not too yummy, but yay anyways!

Went out to bugis street and met my dad for dinner ~~ :
Had ajisen (=__=) :

At the airport, my dad was sick and couldn’t send me off, but my granny came!
Mum, elder bro and granny sent me off~~~
I wasn’t going to shop inside the airport so we went to TCC for some drinks and supper~

Choco parfait!! :

Shared it with my elder bro hehe~

When I arrived in Brisbane, the worse of my fears happened ! =  SIA LOST MY BAG D:
I was very very upset (>_<)
But thank goodness for Kymmie who listened and consoled me if not I would have gone crazy! Haha.
Also thanks to my friends who listening to my non-stop emoness haha.

Watched inception for the 2nd time ~ We also had crepes ! :


Day 2 in Brissy, we went for the BBQ and then headed to Ikea for meatballs with Steve, Kelda, Joson, Sui-Guan (my watermelon buddy!) and Alfred~
Bought some meatballs back and also a waste paper bin since I threw my old one away~
For dinner instead of yummy crepes again, we ate at Guppy!
Nice fish and chips!
Was full so I shared a seafood basket with Shushu~:

Yum! – the weird shit bug scallop. eeeee!!!

Bag finally came today at about 11am.
I woke up at 6ish am coz I slept so early.
It’s really bad! I was so sleepy when it hit 3pm (>_<)

Played lots of Lego batman with Kelda keke!
We are getting smarter at this haha!!

Had to buy a monitor / tv for my ps3 since the TV isn’t HD.
Not sure which one to get, but hope to get it soon! (>_<)
Need to consult mum/bro about it (._.)


Is it worth it? HMMM…


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