Today school starts!

….at 7pm – 9pm!
(For today anyway)
What kind of weird timing is this!
I hate night classes but there is no other choice unless I change my elective unit AGAIN.
I changed it about 5 times now. Haha

Recently I’ve been waking up really early in the morning (5-am!)
I get really tired by the time it hits 8pm.
Also really hungry by the time it’s 11am since I eat breakfast very early.
In fact I don’t usually eat breakfast, but once I’m in Brisbane, it seems to be a normal thing unless I wake up at 2pm (which is not often, I wonder why!)

Last night I slept before 11pm, I was already dead tired at 8pm and was struggling to stay awake.
I’m sorry if I sounded super weird talking or online. My brain was very dead. Haha.

I thankfully woke up once to go to the toilet and manged to sleep and woke up at 8.30am. YAY!
No more waking up at 6am! It’s crazy! I get really bored when it’s 10am.

I’m going to get a monitor for sure tomorrow~~
Hope everything works out so I can play super puzzle fighter!


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