Brissy brissy brissy~

I missed you so much, Kadoya curry and bubble tea!

Except, why do you always mix up Kelda’s and my orders? :(
My curry level is wrong!

I bought half a rock melon the other day cause it’s really cheap in Brissy!

My dad bought a whole rock melon in Singapore for SGD7,
in Aussie half a rock melon = AUD1.75 !

Went to Diva and finally gotten the Disney X Diva collection :

It’s actually gold in colour, which I don’t really fancy, but maybe I’ll get used to it?

Tinkerbell~ Also in gold colour (._.);;
Actually breakfast is my favourite meal of the day when I’m traveling in some awesome hotel because of the buffet spread or Maccas haha! I love all sorts of breakfast foods, but I don’t really eat breakfast in Singapore because I’m usually sleeping. Sleep > food anytime! Haha. Since I wake up so early nowadays, I’ve been having breakfasts all the time. I get happy if there’s a variety of food stuffs, so today…:

Small bowl of cereal, small bowl of fruit, apple & cranberry juice, eggs and sausage ~


It’s raining now and I don’t feel like leaving the house to a meeting (>_<)
Can a monitor magically appear please? I’m lazy!


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