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Cabbage Diet!

In a month, Hamada Britney, gyaru and mangaka.. and actually actress?? (She starred in one episode of smthsmth danshi, the one with my fav Maki chan in it, lost about 7kg!!

From 49kg to 42.2kg (she was wearing heels and all that, so it was about 7kg ok!)

I read about the cabbage diet on Ranzuki too, while looking for the bean sprout diet instead (>_>);;

If you understand a bit of Japanese, you can see it here:




With my sad command of Japanese, I still managed to figure out some stuff!
Basically the rule of the cabbage diet is that you MUST eat 1/6 of a cabbage before ANY meal!
After that, eating anything would be ok!

Cabbage with a bit of dressing is okay too! but NOT like thousand island dressing or mayo coz that’s fattening!
Something like vinegar or with gocchujjang and miso is ok!

I think this diet is better than the one Ranzuki is suggesting, because just eating cabbage with fried stuff like okonimyaki doesnt make sense to me (@_@)

So I rather everyone follow this simple eat rule : to eat cabbage before meals!

I think also it has to be raw cabbage or at least cold temp.
I heard that temperature also affects certain diets (like the bean sprout diet!)

Alternatively this method (of eating something before meals), works with bean sprouts!
But it has to be cold, it was in an issue of PopTeen.
If I ever find a scan for that page, I’ll talk about it.
But I don’t really like bean sprouts… sooo it’s a nono for me on that diet!

Also, as with all diets, you MUST do a bit of exercise !

I’m going to start on this proper when I actually buy dressing :(
I need to lose weight for a Zhen Ji cosplay

I’ve updated what I want to bake/cook and also my cosplay plans! Keke~

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i want to swim!

But first!
My very first tamago! :

Keke! I ate 3 other pieces of it already, the sauce on top is sweet chilli sauce coz we had no ketchup :( [to fix this problem, i bought ketchup the very next day!]

I can now make cute bentos coz I can make tamago eggs! :D
It needs to be a little sweeter and also I need a square pan :(

The day we went to Le Bon Choix~:

I know my bed is messy (=___=)

Sometimes I don’t see the point in making my bed when I’m gonna sleep in it again?
Of course back in Singapore, my bed must be made nicely! When I do it though, it looks stupid.
When my maid does it = WOW!
Maybe it’s coz I’m such a lazy person so I don’t pull the sheets taut enough hahaa.

I realised I never took a pic of my iPhone case yet~ So tada~

Made spicy rice cakes with Kelda the other day and it looked weird:

I think too much corn syrup and gochujjang haha. But the taste was there !

FINALLY today! I went out to but the top portion of a swimsuit~!!
I found a few but seriously I have a small chest and I looked flat in many :( *sad*
Saw this really cute and funny one:

SO SO FUNNY and so cute!

How can I resist? Haha.

it has a sexy back too!!

I want to wear this funky one out to a beach or something! (but i do NOT want to get tanned! i know i make zero sense haha)
Because this is not for like “serious” swimming I wanted to get another top but I didn’t find any within the price range / that didnt swallow my boobs haha.

Was so freaking hungry today after night lecture which was a fucking waste of my time so I made a feast!

Egg & carrot mayo sandwich with tomatoes (MY FAV!)
Sweet potato fries
Fairy snacks! (which are chicken tempura nuggets)

I love veggies in my sandwiches! To me, if it doesn’t have veggies, it’s just bread and egg or smth haha.
I’m so weird like that but I think it’s also good cause I’m eating healthy at least.
Missing lettuce but they don;t have baby lettuces in Woolies, only huge ones and I buy them and they go bad within a few days *annoyed*

Will talk about exciting doll stuff another day.
Exciting for me anyway.
I’m shit ass tired (must be my back!!) so I’m gonna read some and try to sleep early (for once!)

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Le Bon Choix~~~ (=3=)/



I overdid it with too much chocolate, coz I melted way too much and was having fun with it haha.
Did a very bad job at smashing the oreos though.

Was super sad to cut it!!

I’m so proud of it *sobs* and that it tasted good but it was too jelat.
NEVER making it again haha. Unless it’s for like my family or close friend something. (and if i have a microwave!)
Anyways went to Le Bon Choix!
Which was actually this dainty cafe my parents and i went to last time for breakfast coz it was the only thing near by that was open at 7am plus.


Sorry my messy bag is in the shot (=_=):

With such a fancy name, I was a tad disappointed at the layout haha.

Iced coffee:

Sinful cake and strawberry macaroon:

Cake was soso.
Macaroon was yummy!
Iced coffee was soso too.
Also went shopping before tea, and found a cute store!:

Plastic ring (=3=)
I hate spiders [the big ones anyway, but recently in Aussie, I’ve come to think i hate all spiders haha]  but I saw a spider and web bracelet I reallllyyyy like, hmmm.

Bought PJs! :

The pants are way huge and make me look dorky me thinks haha. Oh well, as long as it keeps me warm~!

My swimming outfit bottoms from seafolly:

I haven’t even bought the top yet!! (=___=)||

But I really need to go swimming next week~ (>_<)

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a dream within a dream within a dream

I hate that.
Maybe that’s why I take so long to fall asleep.
Afraid of what’s reality and what isn’t

I get that often these days, it’s annoying the crap outta me.
Last night, it was hella hazy for me, but everything felt so real.
I stop and then go, “Wait this is a dream, it has to be, because I wasn’t doing this before” and then something just tells me “No, a while ago that was a dream, now this is real” and I believe in it cause something’s got me so distracted.  I step into another dream once again.
A never-ending cycle until I don’t know what’s real anymore when I sleep.
If we are gonna be all “inception-like” and talk about levels, it was about 4-5 different levels/ dreams for me.

I woke up today feeling so confused and disorientated.
Really hate that feeling.

I dreamt of someone today, someone I could hold, but it wasn’t that someone I dreamt about before.
Dear treacherous mind, let’s not confuse and torture ourselves any further.

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Why did I do that?!

I’m by far going nuts!
I already said a long time ago, I’ve reconsidered getting a School C, I want a School A instead, but I saw one which had a good deal. I slept over it… but I can’t stop thinking about it and character backgrounds for it, so today I PMed the seller. I hope she releases him at a good price (>_<)

Also I’ve fallen more in love with Hikaru Genji/Williams. I really don’t want a SD17 and williams has a SD13 size, but still I don’t think I should get an expensive doll haha.

I really hope I can get a LE Volks for my 21st, like a really hot male doll haha.

Still wondering what will happen to my Yeon-ho now. Hmmm.
It’s funny because I really wanted a Lance and Yeon-ho, and paid so much for them but when I got them, I just couldn’t bond with any (=_=)|||

My Lance seems ok now, but I wonder about my Yeon-ho.. Ahhh~

My Ultimate if-I-can-get-it-at-a-good-price-and-i-have-money doll wish list:
1. Volks Hikaru Genji
2. Volks SD13 williams
3. Volks Hijikata Toshizou

I forsee this will never happen haha.
I saw a Toshizou head going for USD700+ and it’s just the head.
Ahhh I need to win lottery now hahaa!

Of course I want other dolls too, but those are really not so expensive compared to the 3 above.
I know why I don’t ever buy my El twins, it’s a silly reason! but I desperately want to take photos of them too. I’m so fickle and confusing! (@_@);;

I’m gonna replace Kayden’s body too. The resin tone doesn’t match anymore (X_X)
I’m not sure if I’ll like a LUTS male body, but I’ll try (X_X);;

Maybe it’s this aimless feeling I get, I’m just shopping and shopping and not doing work. Arghhh

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鑽石夜總會: 變臉達人PK賽 makeup transformation segment

Bringing you more shocking transformations!

I like the white team’s better~!

Only posting the part where they do makeup here.
For the other parts, click into YouTube and search for the part before and after~!

The amount of concealer the white team’s candidate uses is so shocking D:

Draw the double eyelid line with a toothpick with tissue wrapped around ~
Actually you can use pencil liner for this, but I guess using toothpick and eyeshadow makes it more natural?
You MUST use tissue paper to wrap the toothpick because it will poke your eyes, obviously! :P

To see other past videos, using the category tags on my blog under “makeup” ~
Will post other videos another time when I have more bandwidth ~
I hate Aussie internet >(

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Kumiko my soom Glot

Also featuring the stuffed lizard, Izzy, Steve gave me from EKKA~
Izzy is now Kumiko’s play toy (and for the first time, i have a female soft toy D:), which is very sad actually, because she can’t be bothered with it sometimes.
Poor Izzy.

I hope I don’t come across as some pervert or anything, taking pictures of a little female doll in dressed in her PJs, which consists of a tank top, panties and socks.

Besides, its TASTEFUL PJs for little girls !
It’s not like I gave her garter belts or something ! *defends*
After taking the photos I realised Izzy was seemingly strategically placed… THIS IS ALL SANDRA’S FAULT.

Following the leader, the leader, the leader~~~

While taking this photo, I can’t help but think, “AH! MY GIRL IS SO GOOD AT POSING!”
So not diva like, unlike her “brothers” *mentally kicking Kaya in my head*


WTF. So small and arghh!
I reckon it was also cause it was kinda long, BUT I LIKED THE LENGTH, so there. Haha.
I’m so sorry Kelda had to listen to my frustrations haha.
There wasn’t any light in my room (however it is now fixed and its lovely bright!) so I had to fix her lashes outside.

I think the lashes made her faceup pretty and awesome. It really makes a difference!
Also I changed her eye position~
I cannot stress how important doll eyes are!
It’s really like the windows to their “souls” coz Kumiko came to me looking like some evil demon that I had a nightmare about.
My first nightmare about a doll featured a little tiny. *fail*

Anyways she’s really a precious dear~
I want to take more shots of her again~ Especially since I saved that set of photos in lowres by mistake (=_=)||

I can’t wait to prop Takeshi back on his body and take pictures!
Shall send my Yeon-ho to be changed next.
I feel fucking stupid since I paid so much for both of their faceups from Crobidoll and I’m changing them… argh.
Will NEVER get a company faceup ever again! Unless limited or from DOT.

Recently due to my stalking and kuroshitsuji, I REALLY LIKE THE 45/60 PAIRING!! OMG.
I thought it was sick, BUT I TOTALLY SEE THE APPEAL NOW.
Omg. I shouldn’t get into the 1/4 doll side. I’m already losing money to my boys and now little girl AHHH~~ (>_<);;

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