Brisbane road trip

2 vans and 2 cars to send over 30 of us on a road trip round Brisbane~
First stop to O’reily for lunch and a tree-top walk~

Only scenery pic I took.

Look at the mist!
We got lost countless of times due to Leon and his weird GPS! Haha.
He’s a great guy, bless his heart but we were going nuts haha!
Thankfully we have the best navigator in Brisbane, Joson! Keke.
We were soon “promoted” to car 1 haha.
It was bad cause it meant we couldn’t fool around anymore!
We were dancing and singing songs even Indian songs!
Great fun!

Went to Mt.Tambourine to take a look~
My favourite store! :

The owner wound some clocks for Joson and I to see.
He was great fun to talk to too!
I wished I was super rich so I could bring one clock home !

Had icecream and chocolates after:

Coffee and hazelnut! I love it!

We went to sunnybank for taiwan snacks it was so good!
I already miss QQban! Gawd why didnt I eat that in Taiwan!
I want to go back to Taiwan again keke.

We later went to eat some Tauhuay but it was crowded!
Tabao-ed some for breakfast~
Here’s mine with herbal grass jelly:

More photos on my Facebook~

I seriously love my nex5 now! Keke.
But wtf the battery life still doesn’t work for me.
I charged it full, plugged it in and it said 70%. What?
I told my father about it before but the next day we tried, it worked okay.
What is this nonsense seriously?

Anyways, other pictures using my iPhone for the trip and other days~:

To un-emo-fy Kelly, Kelda went to try to catch her a toy that she wanted!
I helped twice and boo it didn’t work :(

We tried again at some other UFO catcher, I myself wanted a my melody plush, but the stupid claw jerked and dropped it :(

To un-emo-fy my loss, I had carrot cake from shingle inn~

Plus Kelda and I bought more cook books~!

On the car on the way to O’reily’s~:

That’s all~~


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