a night of red

[I like this picture lots cause I didn’t need to photoshop anything ! Maybe I’ve lost weight but the scale says otherwise (._.)]

Popped a wine bottle open from Mt. Tambourine!
Had a glass only cause I was too traumatised to deal with another allergy attack (=_=)||
It’s almost like I’m allergic to anything alcoholic.
To put it in Kelly’s famous words, “how tragic”.

And it is, because I like baileys!!!

Anyways Kelda who drank 2 glasses went high immediately haha.
Photos of her madness on my FB haha!

Funny headbands ! (all kelda’s! I just borrowed one haha):

Gintoki’s pancake lens I was testing out~!

Going to meet Joy dear later for a sure awesome day of talking !
Dad asked me to take more photos again so I can test out the camera’s 2nd battery pack.
I kept telling him the first battery pack was wonky but on the day he used it, it was ok (=__=)


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