DIY facial among other things

The other day I followed Kanon from AnCafe, and found that /GASP he followed me back!
Which idol actually does that?
Kanon sama, I’ll follow your tweets properly from now on~ !

The other day when I was being an emo piece of meat, (sorry guys!) went out to sunnybank for dessert while waiting for others to arrive:


See! Compared to tiny bowl of tauhuay!

I don’t eat oysters, just the egg keke it was really good!

Went QQ-baning after and my mood picked up due to all the jokes! :)

Last night Kelda and I cooked proper food:

1. Korean beef = SO FUCKING GOOD OMG.
2. Kimchi soup + tofu
3. Broccoli and carrots in oyster sauce
4. Ham & onion omelet !


No more processed food on a daily basis kudasai!!

Also dyed my hair that night!
Kelda helped ! Keke thanks you soooooo much Dada!!
Love you!!

I’ll talk about it another day when I actually take a new photo of myself haha

Today I decided my blackheads were driving me nuts, any sign of blackheads and I’ll go crazy haha.
So it’s D.I.Y facial time! (A scene that only happens in Brisbane haha)

1. Firstly showered and used clinique facial foam to cleanse
2. Steamed face for 15mins
3. Used bodyshop’s tea tree oil blackhead remover cleanser
4. Stuck on Biore patch to remove blackheads (Found out omg so many things came out EEWWW)
5. Used neutrogena rapidspeed 5mins mask (i think?)
6. Used neutrogena wave
7. Applied shisedo toner
8. Applied Etude house mask for 15mins:

(It’s good but omg THE SMELL OF POMEGRANATE!! I do not like that smell :/ haha. Def won’t buy it again!)
9. Lightly drape tissue over to dry and then applied a little bit more Anna Sui moisturiser
10. Apply eye moisturiser

But my skin feels pampered now, so it’s all good? Haha.


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