For my 21st…

A Volks doll seems not possible.

Daniel says:
So when you reach 21, what do you want from your dad and mum?

Geraldine says:
hmmmm im not sure yet! haha
can i get another doll? hahahahaaa

– there was 2 min of silence –

Daniel says:
You have 4 already, get something else like you don’t have
Getting another doll is considered excessive just like dad has 12 watches.

Geraldine says:
whatttt but i want 12 watches/ dolls too

Daniel says:
One day I was at a temple and heard a Monk ask the congreation this – You all come to pray for prosperity, what then is prosperity?
Nobody could answer him then he said. If you have enough clothes to wear, 3 full meals a day, a roof over your head. You would have deemed to have prospered
Anything outside of this is considered excessive!
One very good watch is good, but more than 3 is definately excessive

Geraldine says:
hahaa but i dont have this doll!
this brand of doll!

Daniel says:
Then I stopped looking at watches. I looked at them to enjoy the beauty but have no longer to own it anymore
For attachements to material gain is the cause of human sufferings
Because you are so attached to it, losing will cause you to suffer. Thus Buddhist learnt detachement
Learn not to be too attached to material wants
Such is the cause of human sufferings

Even being very attached to your spouse is a suffering.

Geraldine says:
so… for my 21st i cannot get anything materialistic ?

Daniel says:
I think you should get something you don’t have lah. Not another doll but something else

Geraldine says:

Our convo died here cause I really want a Volks doll for my 21st haha.
I laughed SUPER loud at the bold parts of his speech.

He said all these and I think he just wants to get me a tiff & co key, which fyi will be a materialistic thing also what!!
And the doll will be cheaper anyway?

But it was super funny so this deserves a post on its own!


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