frolicking in strawberry fields

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early to prepare brekkie and drive to Slickers horse riding ranch!
Because I have too little pictures of this part, I’ll talk about it another time and skip to strawberry picking.

It’s my first time picking strawberries!
We headed to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia.
Strawberry fields, Palmview


There were redder berries up ahead, but I was too lazy to snap pictures again after this shot~

You can’t eat any of the strawberries when you are picking them though!
[Jean told me they spray pesticide on it! So please don’t even try (=_=)]
But you get a small box to fill about 500g+ of strawberries and it will cost AUD5-6 ~
If you are a strawberry monster / have a strawberry-loving family, you can opt for the bigger box (1kg) and it will cost about AUD12+

I opted for the small box cause strawberries spoil quite fast and we had a long day ahead still!

After picking, wash some berries and you can try some!

Sorry no one can see my eyes here haha.

The berries, some were sweet some had no taste, but I don’t really care much because I devour my berries with lotsa condensed milk Taiwan style!! So it’s sweet no matter what wakaka~!

Berries I picked!
I picked all the small cute red gems!

About strawberries, I watched on this Korean show that you should wash berries under the water WITH the stem!
If you remove the stem, it washes away the Vitamin C~

Strawberries also contain lots of Vitamin C~ just like oranges!
So if you are not an orange person, pick up a strawberry!

It was quite a fast trip to the fields~
My friends had icecream (AUD4.50) and chocolate-coated strawberries (AUD2.50 each)~
They were apparently very yummy!
I can vouch for the chocolate coated berries cause Kelda let me take a bite from hers hehe.

Extra pictures!!:
On the way to wherever (i dont rmb!):

Kelda and I played with our chewing gum hahaha!
Pictures by Kelda!

We stuck chewing gum on our teeth haha

With chewing gum on my front teeth, I became a bunny!:

I’m a very sad substitute for Kelda’s wish of a giant bunny HAHAHA.
Boing boing!


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  1. 1

    Sandra said,

    I ate while I picked xDDD

    Hey come over after exams and I bring you to this one…

    They have yummy scones with cream and strawberry jam *LOL*

    Hope you enjoyed your horse ridding =D its <3333

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