did i post this before? ah fuck.

I’m getting really freaking old.
I don’t remember shit anymore, so much so I need a damn shopping list every time I go out to get stuff.
Sometimes I don’t even remember what anime I watch even things I buy.
Bad bad aging brain.
In a lecture about our brains, they say if you don’t use it, you lose it.
Maybe I should play more Professor Layton or smth hey.

ANYWAYS I honestly don’t remember if I talked about this or not, maybe on FB?
Memories’ hazy !
HUGEEEE update!:

Long time ago, we took a bus to catch the NDP celebration at UQ.
Here at Brissy we DO celebrate our nation’s birthday in the oddest of ways.
Like wtf-trivia? I was supposed to skip that but UQ had too many peeps streaming in they started an hour late.

The night turned sour for me with my bad mood swings :(
Sorry Kelda and Jean had to deal with it :(

Days later it was Ekka holiday and so we went to Ekka!
Yes, there is a holiday dedicated to a carnival !
Thank goodness too, coz they honestly need more holidays in this country!

This is something EVERYONE MUST try at Ekka!
Looks so blah, but inside, it is stuffed with more icecream and TONS of strawberries!!!
$4.50 per sundae and you can ONLY get it at Ekka!!

Caption = NO CAPTION! :P

Jestyn’s prizes!
Gorilla and a weird mutant werewolf who he insists is super cute (it is not, plus everyone stared at him weirdly and he was the ONLY one carrying that ugly toy! haha)

He won so much I decided to pay the boy to win me a husky.
Sadly it did not happen.
But it’s ok coz I reckon I don’t need anymore soft toys in my room that looks like it was hit by a hurricane haha.
P.S DONT FEEL BAD KELDA! I really dont need a husky haha. Love chuu!

We went off to dinner at Norman Hotel, said to be Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant !
The steak was good! Wished my elder bro could have tasted it!

Supper was at Denim at southbank for some seriously awesome hot chocolate:

Seriously. It’s. Awesome.

Mum said I could get a iPhone casing. At least that’s what I think she said, it was all distorted on Skype. Haha (.__.);;
Anyways it’s pretty and you can’t find it in Singapore’s Apple store (At least i didn’t??)
But it’s kinda bulky at the sides.
I wished I jumped on the iPhone screen protector spree, it had rilakkuma!!!

Anyways, one of the evenings I was walking home from woolies and the sky was a pretty shade of purple and blues!:

Ok, iPhone made it super crappy, it is indeed prettier in real life !

Made awesome kimchi fried rice with healthy stuff like carrots and broccoli (had to finish my broccoli bush thing).
I get happy when I see sunny egg on my rice :D
It reminds me of Uruha and how he cant cook such eggs haha.

Went to eat some viet food!
Yes i know beef looks super red, but it will be cook proper in the hot soup!

My first fried icecream.
Didnt taste like what I imagine it to be. SO, I DONT BELIEVE ITS FRIED ICECREAM D<
I’ll go eat real fried icecream in spore D< hmph!

Anyways TODAY, ( finally I’m talking about today! hahaa) goodies came!!
Woke up to my parcel of heads!
Takeshi and Kumiko!

Takeshi’s faceup is just so freaking beautiful!! I can finally bond with my Lance!!
and Kumiko’s faceup was just a shock of pink, but it’s still cute!
Also got home to see that Kumiko’s stuff came! (I totally forgot I bought her stuff!)

I bought a yellow set of lingerie and it came with an extra pair of socks and candy! yay!
Weird strawberry candy was from Angie (artist)!
I guess it was also because I gave her a pack of candy too! :P

I stupidly only brought Kumiko’s kitty necklace over.
I actually made about 3 others or so for her!
Keep misplacing her stuff argh.

Anyways, going to take better pictures of her when I attach some lashes for her.
Decided to sacrifice my false lashes for her. I have very very few (in fact only 3!) bottom lashes in Brissy.
And one type is super hard to find in daiso! [Stock up man! Stock up!!]
Decided ah, screw it, gonna give her my falsies haha.

Kumiko marks many firsts in my doll collection. The first female doll, my first tiny, my first soom doll.
She’s so small it’s crazy!!
I had trouble with her shoes and dressing her and posing her and everything!
My boys are about 55-64cm (with boots maybe 70 i dont know?), and Kumiko stands at about 24-28cm?
It’s a drastic change for me! I’ve so few clothes and stuff for her, I almost feel bad haha.

She actually was in my collection since well, since SOOM decided to ship Glots out, so that was way back!
I paid for her full with no layaways.
But I left her in her box for close to a year.
Now that I recall, Kumiko came JUST as I had to leave for Brisbane.
MYGAWD IT HAS BEEN A YEAR!!! I’m a bad bad owner :(

To make up, I shall buy that ridiculously expensive jacket for her (=__=)||
SGD47+ for a bear coat. Sighhhhh.

Anyways I’m super duper happy with her!
And also happy with my pink havaianas!!
Still deciding on a white jacket and swimming stuff.
Arghhhhh. I keep spending it’s nuts!


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  1. 1

    Mayonade said,

    You’re not the only one! The first half of the post seems like I’ve seen it before too; most likely FB. But that is a really pretty sunny-side up, just had to comment about it hahaha.

    • 2

      narikodesu said,

      Hahaha yeah I think it was fb, cant find it anywhere else on my blog.
      Haha thanks ! I’m awe-struck at my egg skills sometimes, but it’s only when I’m happy that my eggs looks happy haha.

  2. 3

    sandra said,

    you want me to help you get lashies from daiso and post them over to you? =D

  3. 5

    Joy said,

    i want to try that “seriously awesome” hot chocolate. on our next date perhaps? haha..

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