Palty Raspberry Macaron Review

Because I had very very ugly roots showing, I decided to dye my hair using Palty hair dye (weeks back!)
I saw it in Brisbane, Elizabeth Arcade at aud25 per box.
I know it’s really expensive, but it’s supposed to be good for Asian hair and TSUBASA & YUI ENDORSES IT!
(plus I was mad, really insane. It sells cheaper online, me thinks!)

Let’s go under the cut ~!
The colour I chose was Raspberry Macaron ~
I wanted a brownish red~

A friend took a picture of me one day, and I was so appalled by my ugly roots!
So this is a picture of my hair before:

Can you see the 2 distinct colours? Argh!

My hair condition:
1. Very dry hair
2. Bottom part is damaged (half melted)
3. Has gone through rebonding and curling twice – thrice in a year
4. Has 2 toned hair due to roots showing. Top is dark hazelnut, bottom is milk chocolate brown

So anyways, this is what 1 box of Palty hair dye kit contains:

1. Water container thing
2. Colour Tube
3. Comb to be attached to the bottle
4. Instructions (with pictures and it’s in Japanese, but you will do fine with just pics!)
5. A pair of gloves~
6. Hair treatment conditioner

Just follow the picture instructions and you will be fine~!
Squeeze colour tube into the water container thing and shake!!
It should turn a different shade if you wait for a while~

Anyways my seriously awesome-possum housemate Kelda helped me with the whole process because this is my FIRST time doing DIY dye!

We are garbage bag pals!

For safety, we both made garbage-bag dresses~ It was hilarious because mine even had a V-neck cut wahaha~!

I actually bought a comb and brush set from priceline to help with the dying process.
I think only the comb helped haha.

This is what it looks like after TWO bottles.
It’s a bit red eh ?

My hair is really thick, it doesn’t look thick because I layer and thin like mad~!
So I used up 2 bottles of dye~

Anyways it took Kelda about an hour to when we were done. [I’M SO SORRY KELS!]
I waited for the allocated time and at some parts of my head, it started to sting alittle.
Which if you think about it, is weird coz there is no bleaching agent in it. Hmmm!

I washed the dye off and used A LOT of hair mask (I like Garnier) and then salon conditioner (to maintain my already dying curls).

I did not use the treatment satchet at all. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was leave-in or not. Hmm.

Unfortunately, my hair colour did not turn out ANYTHING like the picture, which was actually more red!
^ it looks ok when i put my pic and tsu-chan’s pic side by side but on the palty box, it was really more red than that!
But my hair dyed evenly and it’s a nice chocolate brown, so I was cool with it~
It is now actually a very light brown colour. Maybe I left the dye on for too long???

I was extremely worried that my hair would turn out in 2 different shades, but phew, that didn’t happen!

Good things about Palty:
1. Hair is soft even before I put conditioner and mask!
2. Lovely colour range (i would love to try the lighter colours but i cant bleach my hair coz it would break!)
3. Good for asian hair
4. Dyes pretty much evenly

Bad things:
1. Killed my curls
2. Colour could be a bit more accurate, but it’s all goood~

Would I use Palty again?


But I won’t ever buy it in Brisbane, way too ex!!
I would prolly stock up in Japan or go order it online!
But I was down, impulsive and crazy then haha.

Still, I’m happy with my hair so yay! :D

Awesome hair made possible by:
– 2 packs of Palty hair dye
– 1 awesome-possum housemate, Kelda Chai KUDASAI
– Lots of conditioner
– $$$


13 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Kym Lee said,

    “Does it huuuuuurrrrrrtttttttttt?”

    PUHAHAHA. Do you remember who asked you that? :P

  2. 3

    kii said,

    the “Water Bottle” thing is actually Ammonia Solution- that’s why it stung! :)

  3. 4

    dollface_04 said,

    I’m from Philippines and I wanna buy this too. But I’m wondering why you bought 2 packs of Palty hair dye, is one not enough? Coz my hair’s a little longer than yours >_< Will the effect still the same for one only?

  4. 9

    […] for the first time, I’m doing this on my own! Haha. Previously I had the help of my awesome friend, Kelda, when I dyed my hair with Palty Raspberry Maca… But this time, it’s completely on my own […]

  5. 10

    Mallie said,

    Good article. Its realy good. Many information help me.

  6. 11

    Grace said,

    Hi! I love your review! It’s very detailed which helps me a lot. I have a question though about the color. I purchased one online and am a bit worried that it would not turn out the way exactly it should turn out to be (like the picture on the box). I have thin black hair, a little bit shorter than your hair. I really want to get a nice light red brown hair color. Do you think it’s going to turn out to be like that? Thank you.

    • 12

      Hi Grace, Thank you! Glad it helped! If this is your first time dying your hair, your hair would not absorb the dye colour very well. Personally, I think it would be more brown than red! >_< Everyone's hair absorbs the dye different, so I can't be too sure though! Hope your DIY turns out well!

  7. 13

    jennilyn said,

    ihave that one that palty raspberry . im so excted to use it :) but my hair is too long . i have 1pack only ? .
    im from philippines .

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