Kumiko my soom Glot

Also featuring the stuffed lizard, Izzy, Steve gave me from EKKA~
Izzy is now Kumiko’s play toy (and for the first time, i have a female soft toy D:), which is very sad actually, because she can’t be bothered with it sometimes.
Poor Izzy.

I hope I don’t come across as some pervert or anything, taking pictures of a little female doll in dressed in her PJs, which consists of a tank top, panties and socks.

Besides, its TASTEFUL PJs for little girls !
It’s not like I gave her garter belts or something ! *defends*
After taking the photos I realised Izzy was seemingly strategically placed… THIS IS ALL SANDRA’S FAULT.

Following the leader, the leader, the leader~~~

While taking this photo, I can’t help but think, “AH! MY GIRL IS SO GOOD AT POSING!”
So not diva like, unlike her “brothers” *mentally kicking Kaya in my head*


WTF. So small and arghh!
I reckon it was also cause it was kinda long, BUT I LIKED THE LENGTH, so there. Haha.
I’m so sorry Kelda had to listen to my frustrations haha.
There wasn’t any light in my room (however it is now fixed and its lovely bright!) so I had to fix her lashes outside.

I think the lashes made her faceup pretty and awesome. It really makes a difference!
Also I changed her eye position~
I cannot stress how important doll eyes are!
It’s really like the windows to their “souls” coz Kumiko came to me looking like some evil demon that I had a nightmare about.
My first nightmare about a doll featured a little tiny. *fail*

Anyways she’s really a precious dear~
I want to take more shots of her again~ Especially since I saved that set of photos in lowres by mistake (=_=)||

I can’t wait to prop Takeshi back on his body and take pictures!
Shall send my Yeon-ho to be changed next.
I feel fucking stupid since I paid so much for both of their faceups from Crobidoll and I’m changing them… argh.
Will NEVER get a company faceup ever again! Unless limited or from DOT.

Recently due to my stalking and kuroshitsuji, I REALLY LIKE THE 45/60 PAIRING!! OMG.
I thought it was sick, BUT I TOTALLY SEE THE APPEAL NOW.
Omg. I shouldn’t get into the 1/4 doll side. I’m already losing money to my boys and now little girl AHHH~~ (>_<);;


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Mayonade said,

    Why can’t we all have simple cheap hobbies, haha. Kumiko’s cute and yes, the lizard is very strategically placed!

    • 2

      narikodesu said,

      haha yeah… ahhh!! why cant i like “normal” things ORZ

      Yeah i know! My gawd it was NOT intentional there’s one where it’s abandoned on the floor but it still looked like it’s looking up at Kumiko’s panties T_T

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