Why did I do that?!

I’m by far going nuts!
I already said a long time ago, I’ve reconsidered getting a School C, I want a School A instead, but I saw one which had a good deal. I slept over it… but I can’t stop thinking about it and character backgrounds for it, so today I PMed the seller. I hope she releases him at a good price (>_<)

Also I’ve fallen more in love with Hikaru Genji/Williams. I really don’t want a SD17 and williams has a SD13 size, but still I don’t think I should get an expensive doll haha.

I really hope I can get a LE Volks for my 21st, like a really hot male doll haha.

Still wondering what will happen to my Yeon-ho now. Hmmm.
It’s funny because I really wanted a Lance and Yeon-ho, and paid so much for them but when I got them, I just couldn’t bond with any (=_=)|||

My Lance seems ok now, but I wonder about my Yeon-ho.. Ahhh~

My Ultimate if-I-can-get-it-at-a-good-price-and-i-have-money doll wish list:
1. Volks Hikaru Genji
2. Volks SD13 williams
3. Volks Hijikata Toshizou

I forsee this will never happen haha.
I saw a Toshizou head going for USD700+ and it’s just the head.
Ahhh I need to win lottery now hahaa!

Of course I want other dolls too, but those are really not so expensive compared to the 3 above.
I know why I don’t ever buy my El twins, it’s a silly reason! but I desperately want to take photos of them too. I’m so fickle and confusing! (@_@);;

I’m gonna replace Kayden’s body too. The resin tone doesn’t match anymore (X_X)
I’m not sure if I’ll like a LUTS male body, but I’ll try (X_X);;

Maybe it’s this aimless feeling I get, I’m just shopping and shopping and not doing work. Arghhh


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    sandra said,

    lol… you’ve got way too much boys lah… get girls xDDD

    Volks Hijikata Toshizou is actually quite easy to get coz he is not so popular… oh and u must be careful coz if the price is too cheap it could be a fake coz lolidoll on tb now sells the volks headplate for $30 and they are hard to differentiate and they have also improved their casting too… so now there’s a bit of ongoings…


    I would say that the hardest mould to tell will be the sch heads coz they naturally dont come with the headplates…

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