a dream within a dream within a dream

I hate that.
Maybe that’s why I take so long to fall asleep.
Afraid of what’s reality and what isn’t

I get that often these days, it’s annoying the crap outta me.
Last night, it was hella hazy for me, but everything felt so real.
I stop and then go, “Wait this is a dream, it has to be, because I wasn’t doing this before” and then something just tells me “No, a while ago that was a dream, now this is real” and I believe in it cause something’s got me so distracted.  I step into another dream once again.
A never-ending cycle until I don’t know what’s real anymore when I sleep.
If we are gonna be all “inception-like” and talk about levels, it was about 4-5 different levels/ dreams for me.

I woke up today feeling so confused and disorientated.
Really hate that feeling.

I dreamt of someone today, someone I could hold, but it wasn’t that someone I dreamt about before.
Dear treacherous mind, let’s not confuse and torture ourselves any further.


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