Le Bon Choix~~~ (=3=)/



I overdid it with too much chocolate, coz I melted way too much and was having fun with it haha.
Did a very bad job at smashing the oreos though.

Was super sad to cut it!!

I’m so proud of it *sobs* and that it tasted good but it was too jelat.
NEVER making it again haha. Unless it’s for like my family or close friend something. (and if i have a microwave!)
Anyways went to Le Bon Choix!
Which was actually this dainty cafe my parents and i went to last time for breakfast coz it was the only thing near by that was open at 7am plus.


Sorry my messy bag is in the shot (=_=):

With such a fancy name, I was a tad disappointed at the layout haha.

Iced coffee:

Sinful cake and strawberry macaroon:

Cake was soso.
Macaroon was yummy!
Iced coffee was soso too.
Also went shopping before tea, and found a cute store!:

Plastic ring (=3=)
I hate spiders [the big ones anyway, but recently in Aussie, I’ve come to think i hate all spiders haha]  but I saw a spider and web bracelet I reallllyyyy like, hmmm.

Bought PJs! :

The pants are way huge and make me look dorky me thinks haha. Oh well, as long as it keeps me warm~!

My swimming outfit bottoms from seafolly:

I haven’t even bought the top yet!! (=___=)||

But I really need to go swimming next week~ (>_<)


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