i want to swim!

But first!
My very first tamago! :

Keke! I ate 3 other pieces of it already, the sauce on top is sweet chilli sauce coz we had no ketchup :( [to fix this problem, i bought ketchup the very next day!]

I can now make cute bentos coz I can make tamago eggs! :D
It needs to be a little sweeter and also I need a square pan :(

The day we went to Le Bon Choix~:

I know my bed is messy (=___=)

Sometimes I don’t see the point in making my bed when I’m gonna sleep in it again?
Of course back in Singapore, my bed must be made nicely! When I do it though, it looks stupid.
When my maid does it = WOW!
Maybe it’s coz I’m such a lazy person so I don’t pull the sheets taut enough hahaa.

I realised I never took a pic of my iPhone case yet~ So tada~

Made spicy rice cakes with Kelda the other day and it looked weird:

I think too much corn syrup and gochujjang haha. But the taste was there !

FINALLY today! I went out to but the top portion of a swimsuit~!!
I found a few but seriously I have a small chest and I looked flat in many :( *sad*
Saw this really cute and funny one:

SO SO FUNNY and so cute!

How can I resist? Haha.

it has a sexy back too!!

I want to wear this funky one out to a beach or something! (but i do NOT want to get tanned! i know i make zero sense haha)
Because this is not for like “serious” swimming I wanted to get another top but I didn’t find any within the price range / that didnt swallow my boobs haha.

Was so freaking hungry today after night lecture which was a fucking waste of my time so I made a feast!

Egg & carrot mayo sandwich with tomatoes (MY FAV!)
Sweet potato fries
Fairy snacks! (which are chicken tempura nuggets)

I love veggies in my sandwiches! To me, if it doesn’t have veggies, it’s just bread and egg or smth haha.
I’m so weird like that but I think it’s also good cause I’m eating healthy at least.
Missing lettuce but they don;t have baby lettuces in Woolies, only huge ones and I buy them and they go bad within a few days *annoyed*

Will talk about exciting doll stuff another day.
Exciting for me anyway.
I’m shit ass tired (must be my back!!) so I’m gonna read some and try to sleep early (for once!)


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    Mayonade said,


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      narikodesu said,

      You know, the first person I thought of when I was making it, was you! Coz I think we talked about tamago and stuff before… like OMG TAKOYAKI PARTTEH hahaa

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