Cabbage Diet!

In a month, Hamada Britney, gyaru and mangaka.. and actually actress?? (She starred in one episode of smthsmth danshi, the one with my fav Maki chan in it, lost about 7kg!!

From 49kg to 42.2kg (she was wearing heels and all that, so it was about 7kg ok!)

I read about the cabbage diet on Ranzuki too, while looking for the bean sprout diet instead (>_>);;

If you understand a bit of Japanese, you can see it here:




With my sad command of Japanese, I still managed to figure out some stuff!
Basically the rule of the cabbage diet is that you MUST eat 1/6 of a cabbage before ANY meal!
After that, eating anything would be ok!

Cabbage with a bit of dressing is okay too! but NOT like thousand island dressing or mayo coz that’s fattening!
Something like vinegar or with gocchujjang and miso is ok!

I think this diet is better than the one Ranzuki is suggesting, because just eating cabbage with fried stuff like okonimyaki doesnt make sense to me (@_@)

So I rather everyone follow this simple eat rule : to eat cabbage before meals!

I think also it has to be raw cabbage or at least cold temp.
I heard that temperature also affects certain diets (like the bean sprout diet!)

Alternatively this method (of eating something before meals), works with bean sprouts!
But it has to be cold, it was in an issue of PopTeen.
If I ever find a scan for that page, I’ll talk about it.
But I don’t really like bean sprouts… sooo it’s a nono for me on that diet!

Also, as with all diets, you MUST do a bit of exercise !

I’m going to start on this proper when I actually buy dressing :(
I need to lose weight for a Zhen Ji cosplay

I’ve updated what I want to bake/cook and also my cosplay plans! Keke~


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